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CONGRATS-TO-SOPHIA Coupon until 8/6/18 for Purple Books Complete Set and Trio Set

Current Events = Purple Books “DONE IN ONE” NCRA convention special.

10% disc on test-prep sets for the RPR, CSR, & RDR WKT until Monday, 8/6/18 !  **”Success Sauce” is with Purple Books sets -98% success since 1991**   

** Coupon is CONGRATS-TO-SOPHIA   

  Sophia Hernandez-Chase posted 7/22/18, “I passed my RPR WKT!  Get the Purple Books!!!”  Her post received 435 likes.

Complete Set = 4 books. Trio Set = 3 books.  Each has updated textbook, workbook, & workbook guide (cross-referencing 2,002 m/c workbook answers). Complete Set includes ‘Realtime Vocabulary Workbook’

Complete Set:

Trio Set:  

My goal?  You will post you passed 1st time – as many, many RPR & CSR students + RPR & RDR court reporters.  Let’s expand this profession! = Purple Books – NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR Prep with NCRA CRC Primer

Done In One – Monette Benoit, B. B.A., CCR, CRI, CPE, and Emmett J. Donnelly, B.S. in English, M. Ed.



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Captain Kevin, HCV

Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly

HV With HCV = Helping Veterans And Families With HCV:

Each August 5th, I publish an update to Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, activist, advocate, researcher.

Veterans and family members frequently have been walking alone without accurate information on Hepatitis C. Now we seek to define where we are headed. “Vaccine-A — And When The Tombstone Is Inaccurate, You Have To Stand And Make Hard Choices

Kevin’s story, which he wrote one chapter each evening, “The Panama Story” is posted free for all veterans and families: