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Failed A Test? We Help – All the Time…

Must-Have National Court Reporters Association RPR, RDR, and State CSR Student, Court Reporting, CART Captioning Test Prep,

Training, Tutoring, and Career Coaching

with Monette Benoit, named the Court Reporting Whisperer by students:

Have you failed NCRA’s tests or a State court reporting exam?

Have you failed speed tests in school?  Repeated Semesters?

Are you worried about your time and your
student loans~~? Feel Stuck?
Monette wants to help you. 

Do you know someone experiencing similar difficulties, challenges passing a test who could benefit from test prep and coaching?

     Monette wants to assist you and others to pass that test and to exceed career goals.


Done In One = Only Test Once.

We continue to help professional and novice court reporters, CART Captioners, and court reporting students to pass their tests the first time, to accurately build a dictionary, to maximize time management, and to clearly define goals. 

Monette has helped thousands with test prep and delivered on customized requests.  Monette wants to help you.

Complete NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Test Prep Textbook, 7th Edition, is ReadyAre you?  Updated, Expanded, Revised:

Testing Tips; Computer Terminology, Technology, Ethics, Advisory Opinions, Review, More has created the best study material for National Court Reporters Association RPR, RDR, and State CSR exams. has a 98% first-time successful pass rate with Purple Books Sets on

NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSR court reporting written exams.  

   Check the testimonials.       Test. Only. Once.

CRR Books & CDs, Purple Books, has proven solutions for court reporters, court reporting students, schools, CART captioners, teachers, and professionals: Books, CDs, tutoring, free articles to advance skills for national and state test prep certification material, real-time writing, CART Captioning, CATapult software, dictionary building and vocabulary preparation.

Check out NCRA Test-Prep Written Skills for books guaranteed to help.


Done In One = Only Test Once.

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