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Purple Books Update ‘re’ NCRA’s “Over 423” Written Knowledge Test, WKT, Questions

Purple Books Update:   Did you see the update ‘re’ NCRA’s reviewed, reworked, reworded, revamped 423+ written knowledge test, WKT, questions? (quote below)

You ready with detailed, updated test-prep material?

*You need to be. Now. ** Yes, now! * Testing is pricey; retesting is pricey, too. NCRA’s next exams are October.

Purple Books continues to help students & reporters to reduce our court reporter shortage.

Done In One! How?  “Complete Set” & “Trio Set” have a consistent, documented 98% first-time pass on State CSRs, NCRA’s RPR, and elite RDR certs.

Prior to 5/2018, Purple Books expanded, revised, reworked, reworded.  Updated – Done. Still focused on ‘your’ goals!

** NCRA update from, May 14, 2018: “On May 4 and 5, members of NCRA’s Written Knowledge Test (WKT) Committee worked… to update questions in the Association’s item bank for the RPR and RDR certifications… members reviewed, reworked, reworded, or completely revamped over 423 questions…” **

Together – We Are Reducing Our Court Reporter Shortage.

At your service, Monette Benoit.

Testimonials: Done In One = Purple Books

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CONGRATS-TO-SOPHIA with Purple Books Complete Set and Trio Set

CONGRATS-TO-SOPHIA = Current Events = Purple Books “DONE IN ONE” NCRA special.

 **”Success Sauce” is with Purple Books sets -98% success since 1991**

 Sophia Hernandez-Chase posted 7/22/18, “I passed my RPR WKT!  Get the Purple Books!!!” Her Facebook post received 435 likes.

Complete Set = 4 books. Trio Set = 3 books. 

Each has updated textbook, workbook, & workbook guide (cross-referencing 2,002 multiple-choice workbook answers). Complete Set includes ‘Realtime Vocabulary Workbook’ as 4th book.

Complete Set:

Trio Set:  

My goal?  You will post that you passed your NCRA RPR and State CSR exam the 1st time – as many, many students + RPR & RDR court reporters. 

TOGETHER – Let’s Expand This Profession! = Purple Books – NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR Prep with NCRA CRC Primer

Done In One – Monette Benoit, B. B.A., CCR, CRI, CPE, and Emmett J. Donnelly, B.S. in English, M. Ed.