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CONGRATS-TO-SOPHIA with Purple Books Complete Set and Trio Set

CONGRATS-TO-SOPHIA = Current Events = Purple Books “DONE IN ONE” NCRA special.

 **”Success Sauce” is with Purple Books sets -98% success since 1991**

 Sophia Hernandez-Chase posted 7/22/18, “I passed my RPR WKT!  Get the Purple Books!!!” Her Facebook post received 435 likes.

Complete Set = 4 books. Trio Set = 3 books. 

Each has updated textbook, workbook, & workbook guide (cross-referencing 2,002 multiple-choice workbook answers). Complete Set includes ‘Realtime Vocabulary Workbook’ as 4th book.

Complete Set:

Trio Set:  

My goal?  You will post that you passed your NCRA RPR and State CSR exam the 1st time – as many, many students + RPR & RDR court reporters. 

TOGETHER – Let’s Expand This Profession! = Purple Books – NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR Prep with NCRA CRC Primer

Done In One – Monette Benoit, B. B.A., CCR, CRI, CPE, and Emmett J. Donnelly, B.S. in English, M. Ed.



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