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Purple-Up: Celebrating NCRA’s 2019 Convention with Purple Books Discounts

Purple Books is celebrating NCRA’s 2019 Denver convention with a 15% discount on the COMPLETE SET & TRIO SET until 8/18/19.  Coupon:  Purple-Up

  Pass the 1st time: updated material, actual guided instruction, test-taking strategies!

Purple Passers = 98% success rate = thousands of students & court reporters = 29 years and counting.

 Purple Books updated textbook, workbook, companion guide used by schools and test-taking candidates  =  covers all WKT elements tested by NCRA’s RPR, RDR; State CSRs, and NY’s Civil Service exams.

 *Avoid retesting fees. *Avoid stress. Avoid delays to your schooling and career because ALL written and skills certification exams are *periodically* scheduled.

    ThousandsPass.   First.  Time. Purple-UpPurple Sets. Are you ready?


COMPLETE SET, 4 books:

TRIO SET, 3 books:

Prep with updated material, actual guided instruction, and test-taking strategies in legal, Latin; court; detailed English, vocab, punctuation, grammar; medical; technical; ethics; testing tip; motivation; more.

  Secret sauce?  Co-author earned his B.S. in English, M. Ed., worked with ACTs, SATs for decades. 

  Together, Reducing Our Court Reporting Shortage.   Monette Benoit – 🍎🍎🍎🍎

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