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Test Only Once on the NCRA RPR, State CSRs, NCRA RDR, WKTs, Written Exams, with Organized Purple Books Study Materials

DO the MATH    * Retesting  =  PRICEY!   … National Court Reporters Association, NCRA, and State Court Reporting exams.     Purple-Up —  Done In One. 34 years.

Purple Books has The Best Success Pass Rates and The Best, Organized Study Material:  Test Only Once with Purple Books Sets.  “Purple-Up” = Done In One with Purple Sets.

                  NCRA RPR and NCRA RDR written knowledge examination, WKT, National Court Reporters Association fees: 

2024 Price RPR INCREASE:    NON-member   $242;   member   $210;   student member   $173.   **State fees vary.

                                       RDR:  $225.00.  Students and non-members may not apply.

Students and Court ReportersWHY ReTEST?   Purple-UpINVEST IN YOURSELFMay The Certs BE WITH YOU!   

Pass 1st time.   Thousands are “Purple Passers” since 1990.     Pass.  The.  FirstTime 

34 years counting, Court Reporting Students,  Novice & Veterans  Court Reporters are Purple Passers98% pass – with Purple Sets.

Which Purple Set is best for YOU?   Registering for NCRA’s RPR,   RDR  written exam;   CA’s CSR;   a State CSR;   NY’s Civil Service Exam?  ** Planning on national  and  state written examsMultiple certifications?   Salute.

If you are prepping for CA’s CSR,  NCRA’s RDR,  NY’s Civil Service Exam,  we recommend Purple Books Complete Set

Prepping for NCRA’s RPR  and a State CSR  you have a choice:  Purple Books Trio Set (with link) or Complete Set (with link).    The difference?   You receive a 4th book with the Complete Set —  AND $ 79.90 discount when the Complete Set is purchased here.

Purple Sets have actual guided instruction with updated study material!

** Purple Books differ bec we ‘teach’ details -how to answer with organized prep.

   Why wait for periodic written exams, WKTs, scheduling –  delays, career/schooling? 

Some exams are given only 3 or 4 times A YEAR!

98% 1st-time pass on NCRA’s, National Court Reporters Association, RPR, RDR, State CSRs, and on NY’s Civil Service exams with Purple Books Sets.

Purple Complete Set 📚📚📚📚 4 books:

Purple Trio Set 📚📚📚 3 books:

Detailed, Organized Purple Books Sets Prep You with NCRA RPR, State CSRs, NCRA RDR WKT, written exam, Study Materials.

Purple Book Sets:   updated, organized court reporting test-prep study material, actual guided instruction, testing strategies!

Thousands Have Passed & are Done-In-One.   Prep with the best, organized test-prep study material:  Purple Sets – 34 years.

Complete Set (with link), 4 books, save $ 79.90.  Trio Set (with link), 3 books, save $ 56.90. 

          Purple Books has the ONLY organized and updated NCRA Registered Professional Reporter, RPR, and State Certified Shorthand Reporter, CSR, test-prep study material.

      Plus, Purple Books has the ONLY NCRA RDR, Registered Diplomate Reporter – our ELITE, best of ‘best’ court reporters in the U.S., Canada, and foreign countries.

33 years and counting; our test-prep ‘TERL’ has been taught by instructors & studied independently by testing candidates bec Purple Books covers all NCRA & State written knowledge exam, WKT, elements.
You can trust us with your goals, your future and detailed  RPR,  CSR,  RDR  WKT written exam Study Material.
**If you are a student or court reporter experiencing test anxiety for NCRA’s RPR or State CSR, Monette can help.
   ## Secret sauce for Purple Books? ## Co-author earned B.S. in English and M. Ed.; he worked with ACT, SAT testing, multiple decades.   ## Monette Benoit, court reporter, CART captioner, teacher, paralegal, author, columnist.
       ***  Tutoring and Coaching Available. 
~~~  Pass your national, NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, and State court reporting certification exams the 1st time with Purple Books Sets and tutoring, coaching!
* Here.  To.  Help.  You.   * Together, we are reducing the court reporting shortage.  ** Together.  Since 1990  📚📚🍎🍎

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  1. Are these available digitally? I’m totally blind and would like to start studying.

    1. Eden,
      I replied via email with the email address that you included.

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