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Invest In The Best – You – and Purple Books. 15% Sale on Sets Black Friday to Cyber Monday, 11/30/20.

Invest in You W The Best, Organized RPR, CSR, RDR WKT Material. 98% success, 1st pass. Retesting, pricey!  Exams, periodic!  Hint: PERFECT !! 🎁 Xmas GIFT!!   Save 15%, Purple Books Sets Friday, 11/27 – Monday, 11/30/20.  Coupon: Purple Up

Expand. Master. Improve Skills. Done In One. 30 years now, thousands = Purple Passers!

Purple Books: The only guided instruction for NCRA, State exams: legal; Latin; court; multiple English chapters, vocab, punctuation, grammar; medical; technical; ethics; more.

Purple Books COMPLETE SET,  4 books:…/ncra-rpr-rdr-crc-csr-test-prep…

Purple Books TRIO SET, 3 books:…/2-trio-test-prep-3-book-set-must…

Studying for NCRA’s RPR, State CSRs (other than CA), -2- options: Trio Set, Complete Set. *Studying for CA’s CSR & NCRA’s RDR, you want Complete Set.
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