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Purple Books “Done In One NCRA 2022” 10% Coupon

May The Certs Be With You.  Let’s celebrate Done In One.

Retesting = PRICEY!   Let’s celebrate the 98% 1st time pass w Purple Books on NCRA’s RPR, NCRA’s RDR & State CSR written exams with a 10% discount on our “Purple” Complete Set & Trio Set.

    *** When?    Thursday, 7/21/22, through Monday, 7/25/22.

Purple-Up w Purple Books. Sets: organized to save study time. Each includes guided, organized instruction, strategies.

INVEST in YOU. Legal, Latin, court terms, vocab, punctuation, grammar, medical, technical, ethics, advisory opinions, tips, more w Purple Books.

Thousands of students, novice & veteran reporters have earned NCRA’s RPR, NCRA’s RDR, and State CSRs.

         Studying for NCRA’s RPR, State CSRs (other than CA) you have 2 options: Trio Set or Complete Set.

*Studying for CA’s CSR & NCRA’s RDR, you want Purple Books Complete Set.

Complete Set: 

Trio Set:

Since 1990, thousands advanced schooling, careers w Purple Books. Share, tag friends, family.

  *Enter our field sooner.  *Earn court reporting ‘certs’ without retesting.   How?   Simple: Done In One.

🍎 Purple Books co-author: teacher, 30+ years working w SAT & ACT exams, M.Ed., B.S. in English, linguistics, sciencesAuthor Monette Benoit, B.B.A., CCR, CRI, CPE, reporter, CART captioner, paralegal, instructor, private tutor, 30+ years.  🍎🍎

NCRA’s Orlando convention ends 7/24/22.  * Let’s celebrate our profession together!

    10% discount.     Done In One.    Our profession benefits when you meet your goals, pass your exams.

Coupon: NCRA 2022 DONE IN ONE    through 7/25/22.   Purple-Up.    Hurry.    We need you, Monette.

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