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Black Friday Press Release for NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Exams; Best Study Material for Court Reporting Students and Court Reporters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – Black Friday Press Release for Purple Books Test Prep

Purple Books Sets –  the best NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR and NY Civil Service Test-Prep Material is discounted until Cyber Monday.

Black Friday, 11/25/22, through Cyber Monday, 11/28/22, Purple Books is offering a 15% discount on organized study material for court reporting students and novice and veteran court reporters.

          Pass NCRA’s RPR, State CSRs, NCRA’s RDR written exam the 1st time. Thousands Now Celebrate their Purple Books pass: Done-In-One.
               Plus, Monette customizes tutoring, coaching, so students and court reporters efficiently reach goals.
          Purple Books share guided instruction, organized tips and strategies. Only Test Once. Rock-solid prep. Purple-Up.
    For 33+ years, thousands have a 98% 1st time pass on NCRA’s RPR, RDR, State CSR written knowledge exams and on NY Civil Service exams.
          Organized chapters in Purple Books include: Testing Tips, Legal, Latin, court terms, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, medical, technical, ethics, advisory opinions, tips, more. Purple-Up with Purple Books.
               WHY Purple Books?  Retesting is Pricey.   Also, STUDENTS enter profession sooner.   Plus, COURT REPORTERS increase wages, salary.
     Testimonials are listed on and include students, court reporters, instructors, program directors, and leaders. *Studying for RPR, CSRs -there’s 2 options: Purple Trio Set – or – Purple Books Complete Set. $8.00 difference.
          *Studying for CA’s CSR & NCRA’s RDR, individuals want the Purple Books Complete Set.
               🍎🍎🍎 Purple Books co-author: teacher, 30+ years working with SAT & ACT exams, M.Ed., B.S. in English, linguistics, sciences. Monette Benoit, B.B.A., CCR, CRI, CPE, court reporter, CART captioner, paralegal, instructor, tutor, 33+ years.
                              Please share, tag friends and family. Perfect Christmas gifts. Purple-Up with Purple Books.
      15% discount through Cyber Monday, 11/28/22     Coupon: Test Once
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