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Pass NCRA’s RPR, RDR, State CSR Certs; The Best Updated Study Material, Includes Guided, Organized Instruction With Purple Books Sets. Done In One.

NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, and State Test-Prep Study Material:  Done In One = Only Test Once. The best written knowledge test, WKT, guided instruction for students, novice and experienced court reporters.

98% successful pass – 32 years, counting – with Purple Books.  Prepared by Experienced Educators & Working CART Captioners, Court Reporters. 

Purple Books has the largest test-prep for NCRA’s RPR, RDR; State CSRs; and NY’s Civil Service exams. 

Purple Books Complete Set -save $ 67.90    Purple Books Trio Set – save $ 31.90

32 years – and counting – thousands of students & court reporters working with Purple Books sets: done in one

Thousands.  Since 1990. Updated, organized  test-prep study material, actual guided instruction, testing strategies!

  Purple Books updated textbook, workbook, companion study guide used by schools & candidates, covers all elements tested by National Court Reporters Association’s RPR, RDR; State CSRs, NY’s Civil Service exams.

*Avoid retesting feesAvoid delays to schooling/career Because ALL exams are *periodically* scheduled. Thousands.  Pass.   First.  Time. Purple Sets.  Are you ready?

Retesting is pricey!  **Learn information -so no matter how the question is asked, you have knowledge from your rock-solid prep.  

Secret sauce?  Co-author earned his B.S. in English, M. Ed., worked with ACTs, SATs for decades. 

Invest in Yourself And Prep to Pass the 1st TimeBuild, expand your strengths.

Purple Passers = 98% success rate for Complete Set and Trio Set = students and reporters who

Purpled-Up” = thousands of students & court reporters.

If you’re studying for CA’s CSR and NCRA’s RDR, you want the Complete Set:  updated/revised textbook, workbook, companion guide to workbook, realtime vocabulary workbook.  Plus, save $ 67.90 with Purple Books Complete Set

If you’re studying for NCRA’s RPR and State CSRs (other than CA), you have options:  Trio Set and Complete Set.  Purple Books Trio Set, three books, includes textbook, workbook, and companion guide.  Save $ 31.90 with Trio purchase.  Purple Books Complete Set, four books, is listed above for CA’s CSR, NCRA’s RPR and RDR.

*Tests change! Questions and multiple choices are not repeated, so don’t try memorizing them. Instead, learn the foundation of material, how to test! Study, drill, quiz, review, understand, then… PASS the first time!

NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, and State Court Reporting Test-Prep Material for Court Reporter Training and Education Includes:

The only NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR, NY Civil Service exam textbook with a CRC Primer to prepare court reporters, CART/captioners, judicial reporters, and students for National Court Reporters Association and State written exams. 

Plus:  If you are experiencing test anxiety prepping for NCRA’s certs and State CSR exams and seek more –

Monette Benoit customizes Private Tutoring, Career Coaching for Students, Novice and Experienced Court Reporters, CART captioners; Also, Time-Management Skills.

Pedagogically sound, covering a wealth of material with facts, tips, and information the Purple Books are time-tested and proven in the classroom with educators and with independent study.   

Material covers much more than previous NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR, and NY Civil Service court reporting certification questions, so you expand your ‘core’ knowledge.

Workbook has 2,002 practice questions. Companion Guide explains all 2,002 practice questions and each multiple-choice answer with explanations, alternate definitions, and cross-referencing, so you learn ‘where’ and ‘how’ to find distracting answers and accurate answers.  Textbook ties all knowledge together to receive your new certification!  Three books = Trio Set.   Four books = Complete Set.

The largest library for court reporting students, schools, court reporters, CART captioning training, CATapult Lexica, v2, and must-have NCRA and State test-prep products.

 Designed by court reporters and educators –with SAT and ACT testing experience– for court reporters, students, CART/captioners, program directors, and instructors.

Students & Reporters:  Need to pass a test?  Worried about school loans?  Monette Benoit, named the CR Whisperer by students, wants to help you.

Testimonials from students, instructors, program directors, reporters, CART captioners are listed: Purple Books Testimonials – Done In One.

Thanks for all you do, Monette, to continue populating our great profession. It’s working!!! Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, RDR, CRR, CCP

As a veteran court reporter who holds multiple certifications, one area of my professional life where I lacked confidence was the area of taking written exams.  This year, after studying from Monette’s series of books, I have so far taken two written exams and have walked into both feeling prepared.   This level of preparedness has led to a higher level of confidence.  In one exam, I completed 60 questions in 20 minutes!  In the other exam, I felt so confident in my knowledge that I pushed up the date for which I was scheduled to take the exam and passed it on the first attempt.  You will not be disappointed with Monette’s series of books whatsoever!   Anthony D. Frisolone, RDR, CRC, FAPR

The content of your WKT, written material, study material is great; not to mention I also knew how to find many of the distracting answers that I now recognize as my downfall the last time.  Of course you can use my words.  Heck, I’d give you a kidney — just no fingers.  Joshua Foley, RPR, CCP

Thank you! Your books were great to study from. Lots of practice tests, and the answer book (“Companion Study Guide”) was so detailed! I passed on my first try.   Joy Dee, Student

I studied with the NCRA [National Court Reporters Association] study guide, and it didn’t work.  I studied Monette Benoit’s ‘Purple Books’ and passed.  Jennifer Billstein-Miller, RPR, CRR, CCR (NJ)

Together, we are reducing the court reporting shortage.

Purple-Up with Purple Books:  Done In One with Purple Books Sets and Only Test Once.




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Captain Kevin, HCV

Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly

HV With HCV = Helping Veterans And Families With HCV:

Each August 5th, I publish an update to Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, activist, advocate, researcher.

Veterans and family members frequently have been walking alone without accurate information on Hepatitis C. Now we seek to define where we are headed. “Vaccine-A — And When The Tombstone Is Inaccurate, You Have To Stand And Make Hard Choices

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