CART Captioner, Court Reporter Lexicon 2.0, CATapult v2

What are CATapult’s lexicons?

A lexicon is an alphabetical listing of words. The plural of ‘lexicon’ is lexica or lexicons.

Lexica, as used here with, have been organized to assist court reporters, broadcast captioners, and CART captioners to create specific word topics, specialized glossaries.

Now, each is $ 16.00. No subscription. No buy-in.

Check it out: A – Z, Aardvark to Zulu

CATapult v2: files that are large will be split, so the average lexicon will contain lists that may run hundreds of words, up to, or over, 1,200. When topics, files, greatly exceed the average number, each will be available in a numbered format.

Smaller CATapult lexicons are being organized with other lexicons to give a full $16.00 value.

Hundreds of CATapult 2.0 lexicons are now available from

Have an expert witness in a depo or court? Have a depo or trial with a new topic?

Have a broadcast captioning or CART captioning assignment that needs a specific topic?
No subscription. No buy-in. Each lexica: $ 16.00. Thank you for your support.