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‘Push-Ups’ = NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Core Strength-Building

‘Push-Ups Focus’ on the “Complete Set” and “Trio Set” for NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs.   Why Push-Ups?

Push-ups work the entire body and support core strength.

The “Purple Books” strengthen and build core support with detailed structure that has been proven in the classroom and independent study for 32 years.

98% first-time pass rates with Complete Set and Trio Set test-prep material that covers full pages of information. ~~Full pages, full focus. ~~ 

Organized test-prep material, so you pass the first time.

Working to the same goal, students, novice and veteran reporters benefit from building full, core support with the “Purple Books” from

Only Test Once!   ~~  BE DONE IN ONE for NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs.

Look at what we offer: – detailed material, cross-referencing, terms, topics.

Structured prep material that improves skills. Test-Taking Tips; Legal, Latin, and Court Terminology; Court Reporting Rules; English and Grammar; Frequently Misspelled Words; Grammar Glossary; Frequently Misused Words, Definitions; Medical Prefixes, Suffixes, Fractures, Definitions; Computer Terminology, Technology, NCRA COPE Advisory Opinions; More.

My ‘push-up’ is to continue to help YOU! Online testimonials are included by leaders, teachers, reporters, students …Bring it. ~

Please share this announcement with students, teachers, court reporters, and ‘like’ our FB page, Purple Books, RPR, RDR, CSR, Tutoring, Career Counseling.


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How to Make This Easier for RPR, CSR, RDR WKT, written exam, Guided, Organized Study Materials

What If … This Were All Easier For You?

98% successful NCRA RPR, RDR, and State Written Study Materials, Test-Prep Books;

Purple Books has Helped Students, Instructors, Reporters, and CART Captioners since 1990.

          What If Thousands of Court Reporters, CART Captioners,

Instructors, Program Directors, and Students Are Right?  Monette’s organized test-prep material assists YOU.

DIO = OTO.   Study Purple Books Sets:  The Best Study Material with Guided Instruction.

Done In One with Purple Books Complete Set and Trio Set = Only Test Once.

UPDATED: Complete NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Test Prep Textbook, 7th Edition is Ready!  Are you? Updated Testing Tips; Updated and New Computer, Technology, Ethics Terminology, and More 


What If …
What if you pass court reporting tests, certifications, decrease scoping time, improve skills, AND accurately build a dictionary as a student, court reporter, CART Captioner?

What if you reduce nagging problems that you repeat?

What if schooling, work change forever?  Master your accuracy.

What if you reduce errors, reduce school, tuition, and transcription time?

What if you get more benefits? Take charge of your success.

What if you have free information privately emailed to help you? Enjoy extra time = priceless.

What if you received confidential tutoring with the Court Reporting Whisperer to reach your goals?

CRR Books – Purple Books: The Most Reliable, Effective Tools to Save Time, Improve Accuracy, Earn Certifications, Decrease Scoping Time, Increase Your Profits, Set New Goals

All material is produced by court reporters, degreed educators for the student, novice, expert. — NCRA and State WKT Test preparation — Written Certification Materials for CSR, RDR * Updated and Revised COMPLETE NCRA 7th Edition Textbook, Workbook, Study Guide, Realtime Vocabulary Workbook; Material expands upon previous test questions and answers to assist you to pass the first time. Learn how to take a test; how to find the d/a, distracting answer.


Done In One = Only Test Once.


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Press Release NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Exams; The Best Study Material for Court Reporting Students and Reporters

NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Written Knowledge Test Prep; The Best Study Material for NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Court Reporting Certifications


98% successful pass rate by students and court reporters using Purple Books Sets on NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and on State CSR written exams.  Guided -organized- instruction provided by educators and court reporters.

Court Reporter Reference Books has released the revised and updated Complete NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Written Test Prep Textbook, Seventh Edition. This textbook is available now on

The 98% first-time pass includes the textbook within the Complete Set and the Trio Set.  Students and court reporters now “Purple-Up” to become (their term) “Purple Passers” using this information to pass NCRA and State exams the first time.  Retesting not necessary.  Retesting pricey.  Purple Books has assisted thousands of students and court reporters for 32 years.

This is the ­most complete NCRA and State written test-prep textbook available to students, teachers, and to novice and veteran court reporters.

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Failed A Test? We Help – All the Time…

Must-Have RPR, RDR, CSR Student, Court Reporting, CART Captioning Test Prep,

Training, Tutoring, and Career Coaching

with Monette Benoit, named the Court Reporting Whisperer by students:

Have you failed NCRA’s tests or a State court reporting exam?

Have you failed speed tests in school?  Repeated Semesters?

Are you worried about your time and your
student loans~~? Feel Stuck?
Monette wants to help you. 

Do you know someone experiencing similar difficulties, challenges passing a test who could benefit from test prep and coaching?

     Monette wants to assist you and others to pass that test and to exceed career goals.


Done In One = Only Test Once.

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