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Purple-Up: Celebrating NCRA’s 2019 Convention with Purple Books Discounts

Purple Books is celebrating NCRA’s 2019 Denver convention with a 15% discount on the COMPLETE SET & TRIO SET until 8/18/19.  Coupon:  Purple-Up

  Pass the 1st time: updated material, actual guided instruction, test-taking strategies!

Purple Passers = 98% success rate = thousands of students & court reporters = 29 years and counting.

 Purple Books updated textbook, workbook, companion guide used by schools and test-taking candidates  =  covers all WKT elements tested by NCRA’s RPR, RDR; State CSRs, and NY’s Civil Service exams.

 *Avoid retesting fees. *Avoid stress. Avoid delays to your schooling and career because ALL written and skills certification exams are *periodically* scheduled.

    ThousandsPass.   First.  Time. Purple-UpPurple Sets. Are you ready?


COMPLETE SET, 4 books:

TRIO SET, 3 books:

Prep with updated material, actual guided instruction, and test-taking strategies in legal, Latin; court; detailed English, vocab, punctuation, grammar; medical; technical; ethics; testing tip; motivation; more.

  Secret sauce?  Co-author earned his B.S. in English, M. Ed., worked with ACTs, SATs for decades. 

  Together, Reducing Our Court Reporting Shortage.   Monette Benoit – 🍎🍎🍎🍎

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Captain Kevin, HCV

Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly

HV With HCV = Helping Veterans And Families With HCV:

Each August 5th, I publish an update to Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, activist, advocate, researcher.

Veterans and family members frequently have been walking alone without accurate information on Hepatitis C. Now we seek to define where we are headed. “Vaccine-A — And When The Tombstone Is Inaccurate, You Have To Stand And Make Hard Choices

Kevin’s story, which he wrote one chapter each evening, “The Panama Story” is posted free for all veterans and families: