Compare Purple Books Updated NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR, and NCRA CRC Test Prep Study Material

 Compare Purple Books dedicated to National Court Reporters Association’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs

Must-Have, Organized Study Material for NCRA’s RPR, State CSRs, NY’s Civil Service, and RDR Court Reporter Exams

Done In One = Only Test Once with Purple Books Sets.

The best study material with guided instructionThousands have passed the first time using Purple Books Sets.

Court reporters, CART Captioners, students, schools, program directors, and instructors prep for State CSR and NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, RPR, RDR, and CRC certification material with material written by court reporters and educators for court reporters and educators,

Reporters, CART captioners, and students report a 98% successful pass rate when using the Textbook, updated 7th edition; Workbook: Developed as a testing resource2,002 questions – to accompany the “Complete NCRA and State WKT Textbook”, and a Companion Study Guide as State CSR and NCRA RPR, RDR, CRC test prep primary review resources.

UPDATED, Expanded, Revised Purple Books: New 7th ed. Textbook: NCRA RPR, RDR, CSR, with CRC Test Prep is Ready!  Are you?

Detailed Purple Books Sets will prep you with RPR, CSR, RDR WKT, written exam, Study Materials

Updated Testing Tips; Updated and New Computer, Technology, Ethics Terminology, Advisory Opinions, and More

  • Material covers: Test-taking Tips; Legal terminology; Court procedures and deposition rules; English grammar and vocabulary; Idiomatic expressions; Preposition sentences; Confusing words; Antonyms; Synonyms; Misspelled words; Medical terminology and definitions; prefixes and suffixes; and Computer terminology, technology, ethics, NCRA Advisory Opinions, NCRA CRC material, Review, and more.

Experienced and novice reporters, CART Captioners, judicial, realtime writers, and students will improve skills and advance credentials. Information is presented in formats to maximize retention.

Designed by court reporters and educators for court reporters and students.

Learn the method to taking a test with organized test-prep! 

Study, drill, quiz, review, understand and then … PASS YOUR TEST the first time!

  • ** Learn how to take a test.
  • ** Learn about the Written Knowledge Test and the ’d/a’ — distracting answer.
  • ** Study the necessary ’areas of knowledge’ you will be tested on.
  • ** Material you will review expands upon previous test questions to assist you to earn state and NCRA certifications.
  • ** Learn how to answer the question by studying the foundation of information for state and NCRA RPR, RDR certification.

The only textbook on the market to assist individuals to pass NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, RPR, RDR Written Knowledge Tests and State court reporting CSR certifications.

Purple Books RPR, RDR, CSR Test Prep Includes: 

REVISED, Updated: Complete NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR Test Prep, 7th edition, Textbook (350 pages);

NCRA RPR, RDR, and State Test Prep, 4th edition, Workbook (230 pages) – Developed as a testing resource -with 2,002 questions – to accompany the “Complete NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR WKT Textbook”;

NCRA RPR, RDR, and State Test Prep, 4th edition, Companion Study Guide (200 pages); companion to ’Workbook’ which details in precise explanations why all 2,002 answers are correct, incorrect, distracting answers from the ’WKT Workbook’

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  Before You Buy NCRA and State Court Reporting Test Prep Material Ask Ten Questions.

1. Will you have reference material to learn how to answer a question to improve skills and to advance credentials?

2. Will you learn why specific answers are correct, incorrect?

3. Will you access and learn test-taking tips?

4.  Will you be able to pass your test the first time?

5. Will you learn how to answer questions by studying in formats specifically designed to maximize your retention?

6. Will you be able to clearly define what you need to know to prepare you to pass certifications?

7. Will you have material that assembles all the information in orderly fashion?

8.  Will you study material produced by degreed educators and experienced court reporters for judicial and freelance reporters, CART Captioners, instructors, program directors, and students?

9.  Will you have material you may keep and use as reference material for your court reporting library after you pass your certification?

10.  Will you study material that has a successful 98% pass rate when used as primary resource material for working court reporters and students?

Having been a captioner for several years and out of reporting and testing arenas, I knew I would need to cram for the Registered Diplomate Reporter exam, RDR.  I chose the CSR, RPR, RMR, RDR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporter Reference Textbook and REALTIME Vocabulary Workbook to bring myself up to date — and, how out of date I was!  These books have excellent study material for the CSR, RPR and RMR.  I received my RDR results.  Thanks, Monette!  Kathy DiLorenzo, RDR-CRR-CBC

Just wanted to thank you for your study guides.  I passed my RMR written exam! They were extremely helpful — it shows how hard you worked. Your books really helped me pass the NCRA RMR written, WKT, so thanks so much! Lisa B. Johnston, RPR, CRR, CCP

Much of the information that I studied from Monette Benoit’s material appeared on the NCRA RPR written examination. The success that I had in passing the NCRA RPR Written Knowledge Test, WKT, is due to several factors.  One major factor is the use of the study material written and taught by Monette Benoit.

Monette has a strong desire to help the court reporting students succeed in their field.  I believe her study material is a wonderful tool that should be utilized by students and court reporters everywhere as an aid in passing written knowledge tests. Thank you, Monette!  You have helped me jump a major hurdle in my career! Laura B. Ballard, RPR, CSR

Monette, I wanted to say thank you.  I passed the NCRA RPR written knowledge exam, WKT, the first time after I ordered your books.  They are great. I only wish I would have had them the first time I took it. Everyone I spoke to about you said that you are so proud and enthusiastic about court reporting.  It is nice to know there are people like you who are willing to reach out and lend a hand to those who stand in the same position you used to many years ago.  Thanks!!  You may use my testimonial.  Hopefully it will help others.   Michael Jenkins, CCR

I passed the NCRA Written Knowledge Test with a 97!   I am so proud and relieved by accomplishing one hurdle in the midst of my patient prodding. Thank you for the NCRA written exam, WKT books, which I found on Court Reporter Reference Books,, to prepare students and court reporters for this hurdle. I now know that this that can be achieved the first time with proper studying and knowing how to take a test. I have to tell others taking the state CSR and NCRA RPR tests. Many people are taking the test for a second time – or more. This was huge. Thank you!  Megan Price, Student

Good fortune is often called a windfall.  This stems from medieval England when commoners had trouble finding wood for fuel.  Royal decree prohibited them from chopping down trees, so when the wind knocked down branches it was a stroke of good luck.

Your CSR, RPR, RMR, RDR Court Reporter Reference Workbook is a windfall for the court reporting profession.  The information in an easily-referenced and easily-retained format is a stroke of good luck for working reporters, students and instructors of court reporting.  And what a delight to find an instructional textbook that is informative and entertaining!

I support your advice on how to take written knowledge tests in the Court Reporter Reference Text.  Your test-taking tips are helpful and will, hopefully, relieve test-taking anxiety attacks.  Both are necessary if one is truly interested in becoming certified.  I applaud this much-needed contribution to our future!  Mary Smith Agren, RPR, CRI, Denver, Colorado

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to fully review your fine book, CSR, RPR, RMR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporters Reference Textbook, which is aimed at assisting students to pass the written knowledge test given in conjunction with the NCRA RPR test and CSR state tests.

We have ordered this book for use in our CSR prep course, which is given four times each year, for I feel it will be a great benefit to them.  The format makes it readily workable, and the content is good.

I have frequently stated that although students must have good speed and accuracy in machine writing, the knowledge factor is most important in an adequate court reporter.  Enough has not been done along this line of student development; and your book certainly will contribute greatly to producing a well-rounded graduate. I wish you much success in the distribution, which has so much of merit I recommend it. Sincerely yours, Mary H. Knapp, Chairman, CTRP, Court Reporting, Department

The more words you know, the more acurate will be your speaking, writing, thinking, and reporting.  Monette Benoit will inspire you to make vocabulary-building a joyful and lifelong pursuit. Dr. Richard Lederer, NCRA Language Columnist

I recommend The Court Reporter Reference Text and Workbook.  I give both books an excellent review!  Nancy Patterson, Director, Bryan College, CA,

Author, NCRA, “Preparing For The RPR, CM Written Knowledge Test”


This is to let you know how pleased I was to receive your book that will help students study to pass the WKT, written knowledge test. I use the  “Court Reporter Reference” books in the preparatory classes that we offer every semester for our current students as well as working reporters in the area.  You have covered all the areas that are on our test.  You have saved me hours of work, and I appreciate all your effort.
The NCRA WKT materials from CRR Books & CDs were a great help in passing the test. NCRA posted the WKT results and I passed! I purchased the CRRT (Court Reporter Reference Tutorial) CD version and found it to be very easy to sit down and study for a few minutes or longer when I had time.  The content was challenging and provided me the direction I needed to focus on the areas I still needed to study.

Now I get to transfer this success to my school credits, and I don’t have to take the CSR/RPR Prep Class.  Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.  Deb Osborne,  Student

This will greatly enhance our students’ chance of passing the Written Knowledge Test, WKT. Sincerely, Judy Larson, St. Louis Community College, MO

Thank you for providing such valuable tools toward preparing students for the RPR and CSR written knowledge tests.

You have given us a wealth of information to use in other classes as well — terminology, English, Court Procedures and CAT.  A special tribute to your dedication to the court reporting profession. The RPR, RMR, RDR Textbook, Workbook and Study Guide books are wonderful! Keep up the hard work!  Dr. Pauletta Morse, Associate Professor, SIU, Carbondale, IL

Bravo!  Bravo!  What else can I say except that you have done a tremendous job.  What a job it must have been researching all that material.  You must have spent an enormous amount of time putting together the CSR, RPR, RMR Written Knowledge Test Textbook and Workbook. I am sure that the students who use your books to prepare for the WKT, written exam, must sing your praises.

I believe that not only are your books helpful for test taking, but they are an invaluable asset to one’s reference library. The poems you included are inspiring, encouraging, entertaining, and brought smiles to my lips. Thank you for the books. I hope that your present students realize what an outstanding person and teacher you are. All my best wishes for much success. Florence B. Lefkof, Court Reporting Instructor

When asked if I would be willing to review the “RPR, CSR, RMR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporter Reference Workbook,” I probably should have said, “I’d love to, but I’m just a buried bureaucrat at VITAC, up to my ears in alligators.  Why not ask Kathy DiLorenzo, Judy Brentano, Kevin Daniel or some other of those heroes laboring in the vineyard of realtime reporting to do it?  They’re in the field every day, writing their little fingers off.  How about those great educators, people like Judy Larson or Bill Oliver?  Me, I’ve been reduced to a bean counter, nothing more.” Instead I melted, as usual whenever someone asks, “Marty, can you do …” and so here I am, an old soldier pressed into what is certainly not the most unpleasant duty.

After all, in VITAC operations, with their pages dog-eared from never ending use, are Monette Benoit’s wonderful reference manuals on sports, the environment, the military, politics, ethics, religion, and virtually everything else under the sun, perhaps the greatest collection of educational and reference material ever assembled by one individual in the court reporting industry.  If the realtime writers of the world can benefit from Monette’s contribution, surely I have an obligation to honer her contribution. So I offer you a review from one who enjoys the somewhat dubious honor of being as the “grandfather of realtime captioning.”  Grandfather, would you believe? (1.)

I give you my brief, but admiring review of the RPR, CSR, RMR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporter Reference Workbook. The “Workbook” is a remarkably versatile tool.  In this age when the raw material of the average high school educated student gives teachers such poor clay from which to mold future reporters, here is a wonderful tutoring tool which can be utilized to make up for the years of educational neglect.  Combined with the “Study Guide for Reporters and Students,” “The Court Reporter Reporter Reference Textbook,” the workbook simultaneously serves as a valuable vocabulary builder and imparter of critical knowledge to help the average contemporary student achieve excellence.

For those about the face the daunting challenge of the NCRA Written Knowledge Test, National Court Reporters Association WKT, the workbook offers a full review of the potential battery of questions they will be facing.  I have always felt (and I know I’m far from alone in this opinion) that the best reporters, those that have shown the most remarkable of reporting skills, are those with the broadest knowledge, people of great intellect who have refined their mental and shorthand capabilities to the farthest degree.  We were once a very scholarly profession, even though the practitioners did not always possess advanced degrees form universities.

Where but in reporting can one find women and men knowledgeable in such diverse areas of our mother tongue as medical, legal, technical and general language?

A journey through the RPR, CSR, RMR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporter Reference Workbook is a journey through all these components, and all one has to do is answer the questions. I love Monette’s interspersing the poems and quotations to cheer the learner on.  Imagine finding Mark Twain, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Thomas Huxley all on the same half page.  Wouldn’t that be a wild gathering to be in attendance at?  I particularly love her Huxley quote:

“Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.”

By the way, Monette, I was the guy who came up with the two greater than signs (>>) for change of speaker in roll-up captioning.   A certain unnamed friend wanted to use two at signs (@@) because he thought it looked like two ears.

So dear reader, by now you must have learned two things.  First, that one should never ask a bean counter to review a book that deals with anything beyond the realm of managing the finances and administration of his company.  Second, that having asked this bean counter his opinion of this wonderful learning tool, it is rather apparent that I endorse it in all regards and congratulate the author once more on bringing the ship successfully home to port. Martin H. Block, RPR, RDR, First Court Reporter to Broadcast Caption a Live Event, 1982
1.  For further confirmation of the reviewer’s rights to this title, kindly refer to Page 188, Question 72, of the Court Reporter Reference Workbook.

This is good stuff, down to earth and on the level that working reporters need. From now on, our court reporters are going to get to know the CSR, RPR, RMR Written Knowledge Test Textbook, Written Exam Workbook, and Realtime Vocabulary Workbook by Monette Benoit better than their childhood teddy bear, dragging them around everywhere and maybe taking them home to bed. Steven Edmondson, B.S., CSR, CLVS, Birmingham, AL 

Your CSR, RPR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporter Reference book is the most exciting book I have come across in years.  I have been teaching in the Court Reporting program at Del mar since 1971; and throughout these years, I have accumulated four file cabinets full of handouts that I use in preparing students for the CSR WKT test.

Your book assembles all the information contained in the four file cabinets in one book in orderly fashion. Thank you for making my life easier.  I wish I had done it. Peggy A. Laudadio, M.S., Del Mar College



Done In One = Only Test Once with Purple Books Sets.

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