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Products: All our Purple Books – organized – test-prep products are produced by court reporters and degreed educators for court reporting students, CART Captioners, reporting novices, and expert reporters.

Services:  Private tutoring, consulting, and career coaching with Monette Benoit, named the Court Reporting Whisperer by court reporting students and court reporters.

Effectiveness validated by thousands of students, teachers, court reporters, and CART Captioners since 1990. 

Detailed prep for National Court Reporters Association’s RPR, RDR, State CSRs, and NY’s Civil Service WKT, written knowledge exams, Study materials.

FAQ On Our Products: 

What is … Descriptions of Purple Books NCRA Test Prep Books, listed below;
WKT, Written Knowledge Test, exam books  (scroll down to find direct link at end of page);
Real-Time Vocabulary Workbook  (direct link below);
CATapult  (direct link below);

Since 1990 thousands have discovered the CATapult series for court reporters, CART Captioners, and students; the Purple Books NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR WKT Written Skills Books; and five Handbooks for Reporters, Captioners.

What is WKT?   WKT = Written Knowledge Test, aka, written exam for national and state certification

What is the Purple Books REVISED/Updated, Complete NCRA RPR, RDR, CSR Test Prep WKT Textbook, 7th edition and NCRA CRC Primer; the Test Prep Workbook – that was developed as a testing resource to accompany the “Complete NCRA WKT Textbook” and Companion Study Guide?

It’s the only National Court Reporters Association and State WKT textbook – and the only test-prep material to have updates.

* A workbook accompanies the textbook. ** A companion study guide is the companion book for the workbook to cross-reference and detail correct and incorrect answers. Each book has concise, well-organized material.

What is the success with Sets?   98% first-time successful pass rate since 1990 when the Complete Set, 4 books, and the Trio Set, 3 books, are used as primary review sources.

What is the difference between the Purple Books National Court Reporters Association RPR, RDR Test Prep WKT Workbook and the Companion Study Guide?  

* The Purple Books Workbook presents all information in quiz format with an answer key identifying 2,002 correct answers and was developed as a testing resource to accompany the “Complete NCRA and State WKT Textbook”;

* The Purple Books Study Guide explains why all 2,002 Workbook answers are correct, incorrect, specifically where words are used as a d/a, distracting answer. The Companion Study Guide is a companion book to the Workbook and may not be used alone.
What will the Purple Books NCRA Test-Prep for the RPR, RDR, CSR, and CRC do?
Save chunks of time. Go beyond memorizing test questions, multiple-choice answers. No question is asked exactly the same way, so memorizing a question and memorizing multiple-choice answers is not the key to ensuring success.

What is the key to ensuring success?  Learning how to answer WKT test questions.
Learn method of studying, then pass that NCRA RPR, RDR and State test!

What is the Real-Time Vocabulary Workbook?  It’s the only vocabulary workbook that has an answer key and a thesaurus answer key to further expand word vocabulary and a dictionary.

What is the CATapultTM?   CATapult is the industry’s leading tool for building your dictionary.
Pass NCRA CRR, CRC certifications. Be prepared for class dictation, tests, depos, court, CART captioning. Perfect for tests, jobs, court dockets, expert witnesses, challenging material, more.

Eight CATapult CD volumes: Sampler, Sports, Religions, Politics, ADA, Medical, Financial, and Trades, which include additional topics, 500,000+ words.      http://www.catapultdix.com/

Direct Links for each product listed at the top of the page:

NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, and State Must-Have Purple Books WKT Test-Prep Book Information:

RealTime Vocabulary Workbook:


Results, Product Reviews:

Handbooks for Reporters, Captioners:  

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