7th ed. Textbook: NCRA RPR, RDR, CSR, and NCRA CRC Test Prep – Study The Purple Books To Pass The First Time! 98% successful pass rate

Must-Have -Organized- Test Prep for National Court Reporters Association’s RPR, RDR, and State CSR Written Knowledge Tests = Done In One. ~~Only Test Once.


7th Edition Textbook: National Court Reporters Association RPR, RDR, CSR, and NCRA CRC Test Prep

Study The Purple Books To Pass The First Time!  98% successful pass rate.

Private Tutoring for Students and Novice Reporters, Career Coaching;

Court Reporting and CART Captioner Training; Time Management; and More

National Court Reporters Association, NCRA, and State Court Reporter, CART Captioning Test Prep

Books: Time-Tested And Proven. Online testimonials from students, court reporters, and CART Captioners.

Pedagogically sound covering a wealth of material with facts, tips, and information. 

CRR Books has been assisting individuals and test candidates to advance skills since 1990.

Court Reporters, CART Captioners, Instructors, Program Directors

Testimonials: Students, Court Reporters, CART Captioners, Instructors, Program Directors

Testimonials and Reviews from Students, Court Reporters, CART Captioners, Program Directors, and Instructors

DIO = Done In One.   OTO = Only Test Once with Purple Books Sets.

Study The Purple Books To Pass The RPR, RDR, and CSR The First Time!

CRR Books has proven solutions for court reporters, court reporting students, captioners, teachers and professionals:

Books, CDs, tutoring with the Court Reporting Whisperer, free articles to advance skills for national and state test prep certification material, real-time writing, captioning, CATapult software, dictionary building, and vocabulary preparation.

Results and reviews for private tutoring and career coaching with Monette Benoit, named the Court Reporting Whisperer by court reporting students

Since 1990: Testimonials and Reviews for Court Reporting

NCRA Test Prep and

Real-Time Dictionary Building Software

“Thanks for all you do, Monette, to continue populating our great profession :) It’s working!!!”
Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, RDR, CRR, CCP

“I ordered the Test Prep Set: Complete NCRA, RPR, RDR, and State Written Test Prep Textbook, 6th Edition; NCRA RPR, RDR, and State Written Prep Workbook, 4th Edition; Companion Study Guide, 4th Edition; and Realtime Vocabulary Workbook, 3rd Edition. I’m addicted!  I love the Latin, vocabulary, grammar, all the quotes and motivational poems, and all the updated, detailed technology! These books are blowing my mind.”  Erica Walker, Court Reporter

“I purchased Monette Benoit’s ‘Test Prep Set’ from www.CRRbooks.com and have been studying a little bit every night to prep for the RPR. It is an incredibly comprehensive and thorough resource!! I’ve been studying a little bit every night, and it’s slowly all sinking in!  Excellent job with these books!  I feel extremely confident that, as long as I do my part, they will thoroughly prepare me for the RPR!”  Rob Leifer, Student — Passed

“I, for one (of a small army, I’m sure), credit Monette’s Court Reporter Reference books with my one-and-done pass of the RDR.  SO THOROUGH!  Thanks, Monette Benoit!” Tori Pittman, BA, FAPR, RDR, CRI, CVR-CM-M, RCP


Done On The First One.   **  “One-and-Done Pass” With The Purple Books Sets.

“Originally, I failed the RPR Written Exam — Twice!!  That test was a ‘got-ya’ both times, and I studied both times, and it cost me a lot of money to FAIL that Test TWICE!!  I’m a working court reporter in court.  I realtime every day — have since day one. That’s where you came in.  I purchased the material from Court Reporter Reference Books.  Easily – and I mean easily, I passed the RPR, and THAT’s not an EASY test!  I’m serious.  Use my words; share them, so others do not take that test more than once.  The cost of the books is cheaper than the registration to take the test a second or even a THIRD time — LIKE I DID.  Your motivation, focus, and concise sharing in the books is proof that had I had the books for the first exam I KNOW I WOULD HAVE PASSED.  Now, I’m certified, as the court required when I accepted this position.  And I’m also smarter.  That test is now behind me… way behind me.  I’ve now set my goals higher and bigger!  Now, I want tutoring and coaching with you. Thank you, Monette.  Oh, thank you.”  Lara Powell, RPR, CRR

Tutoring and Career Coaching to Accelerate your Progress and Build New Strengths with the Court Reporting Whisperer;

Failed a Test?

Monette will help you with Organized Focus, Proven Tips, Time-Management,

and Motivational Steps Forward … to your Goals … Now … Today!

Newly Updated, Expanded, and Revised:

The Complete NCRA and State Written Knowledge Test Prep Textbook, Seventh Edition, is Ready!  Are you?

A must-have test prep for Students, Court Reporting Schools, and Court Reporters studying for their State CSR and NCRA RPR, RDR certification.

Now – Updated, Expanded, and New:  Testing Tips and Testing Focus; Grammar Glossary with Detailed Definitions

Now – Updated, Expanded, and New:  Computer Terminology,  2017 Technology,  Ethics,  COPE Advisory Opinions, and More

Experienced or novice court reporters, students, schools, CART Captioners, judicial and freelance reporters, and real-time writers will improve and advance credentials effectively and in less time.

This training and test prep material is designed and updated by veteran court reporter Monette Benoit with input and material from other high-level court reporters, educators, and in-class instructors for court reporters, CART Providers, and broadcast captioners.  Through our court reporting and CART Captioning online store, we provide:

NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, RPR and RDR, State CSR, CCR, and NY Civil Service test prep;
Skills building tools;
NCRA WKT (written knowledge test) and State test prep;
Court reporter, CART Captioner vocabulary prep;
Court reporter textbook; workbooks; companion study guides, and handbooks;
Dictionary building software programs;
Free articles;
Private tutoring and coaching for students, court reporters, CART Captioners, and professionals.
… And much more to help you create your success TODAY!  The information is presented in formats to specifically maximize your retention and impart more confident and successful test-taking ability.

98% first-time successful pass rate on test prep with Purple Books Sets for the NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR court reporting written exams.

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or follow this simple 4-part guideline:

#1  Test Prep (more below)  “The Full Set” consists of 4 books; The”Trio Test Prep” consists of 3 books.  Now, you have more choices!

#2  Tutoring and Career Coaching (more details)

#3  Dictionary Building Software Programs for Captioners, Court Reporters, and Students (more details)
#4  Free articles for continued, important updates (more details)
Get the latest fast tips, advice and articles from Monette Benoit.

Just click here for a no-obligation subscription for fast and effective tips, advice, and updates.#1: Test Prep

Are you taking the National Court Reporters Association RPR, RDR certification or a State CSR, court reporting exam? Do you know someone who is?

NCRA and State Test Prep: Now, our material covers even more than previous NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, and State CSR court reporting certification questions.

This is the only textbook –Updated and Revised– to help individuals pass court reporting training certifications – NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR court reporting examinations.

Our must-have, unique Complete NCRA Test Prep materials help you:

Learn THE method to taking a test and save huge chunks of time.
Learn about Written Knowledge Tests (NCRA WKT and state exams) and the distracting answer.

Study necessary ‘areas of knowledge’ you will be tested on.
Learn how to answer questions by studying the foundation of information for NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR, CCR court reporting examinations.
Buy our Revised, Updated, must-have, COMPLETE NCRA and State Test Prep Textbook, NCRA and State Test Prep Workbook with approximately 2,002 questions.

NCRA and State Companion Study Guide, or best seller NCRA and State Test Prep Set (four books)

Learn more about National Court Reporters Association and State Test Prep

One of Many NCRA Test Prep Testimonials:
“The success I had in passing the NCRA RPR Written Knowledge Test (WKT), is due to several factors. One major factor is the use of the study material written and taught by Monette Benoit – much of the information I studied from Monette’s material appeared on the NCRA RPR written examination … see this continued testimonial and more testimonials on NCRA Test Prep materials by court reporting professionals, instructors and students

Failed a Test?  We would like to help you with test prep.  Check:  https://crrbooks.com/index.php?cPath=61

#2: Tutoring and Coaching – with the Court Reporting Whisperer
If you’re struggling or simply want to accelerate your career’s progress, court reporting veteran Monette Benoit can help you achieve your goals.

If you are a home-study student, enrolled in a court reporting program, or an experienced professional, Monette Benoit can help you achieve at much higher levels.

Where do you want to go? What have you really wanted to do with your career and, ultimately, your life?

Specific custom-designed guidance efficiently assists you!

Tutoring topics include:
• Test-taking,
• Speedbuilding,
• Court reporting test prep,
• Technology,
• Analyzing what’s working and what’s not working.
• We also work on motivation skills,
• Time-management,
• Process learning skills for more effective retention, and Career Counseling.

Monette Benoit has worked with thousands of professionals, court reporters, students and instructors.

She has also helped create new court reporting training programs, worked with federal grants, and assisted instructors in developing curriculum for both in-class and at-home students.

Inquire about tutoring and coaching by emailing: Tutoring@CRRbooks.com
** Students receive a discount.

One of Many Testimonials from Monette Benoit’s Tutoring Program

“Although I attend a court reporting school, I was not comfortable that the vocabulary and speed-building process being taught would move me to graduating speeds in an acceptable timeframe. As my tutor, Monette Benoit is very knowledgeable in all areas of court reporting and very quickly assessed my current study habits and practicing techniques. She offered suggestions that started helping me that same day!

During my private instruction, Monette provided custom dictation based on my needs with emphasis on accuracy, endurance, and speed. She helped me structure a program that is helping me progress at a faster pace, and also provided invaluable information that is helping me make informed decisions as I start my court reporting career” …see this continued testimonial and more testimonials from tutoring and coaching clients
Reach Your Goals! Tutoring And Coaching

#3: Dictionary Building Software Program for Captioners, CART providers, and Court Reporters

The CATapult Dictionary Building Software Program is the industry’s leading court reporting realtime dictionary builder, improving real-time writing and speed enhancement.  Build, expand and enhance your professional real-time dictionary as thousands of professionals now working as experienced broadcast captioners, CART providers, and court reporters have done.

Refine your accuracy;
Avoid word boundary problems and issues;
Build your dictionary quickly;
Increase writing speed;
Save time and money!
“CATapult contains over half a million words among 420 categories …”  Kathy DiLorenzo, RDR-CRR-CBC

Each ‘CATapult’ TM CD program is not a one-trick pony; dictionary building is only one feature. CATapult CD series has multiple uses, features and applications for captioners, court reporters and students. Further, the entire CATapultTM CD Series is supported by CATapult’s programmer, Robert W. McCormick, Ph.D., MBA, CRI, 2004 NCRA Teacher of The Year, Award of Excellence.

Buy our CATapult Sampler Dictionary or specific CATapult Dictionaires for Sports, Religions, Financial Webcasts, Legal/Business, Medical, Politics, Auto Technologies, and Weather/Science

Learn more about the CATapult Dictionary
Both of these links go here: CATapult Real-Time Dictionary CDs

One of Many Testimonials for CATapult Dictionary Building CDs for Court Reporters and Captioners

“I’ve had a long history in training captioners, and it is my belief that the strongest captioners are those who are strong writers. Seems simplistic, I know, but the reason that they’re strong writers is not because they’ve got perfect fingers on perfect hands. The reason that they’re strong writers is because they can process information at a very rapid pace. And they can process information quickly because they ‘know’ what they’re writing. You can’t write well what you don’t know and what you don’t understand. In the end, it’s all about words, but you’ve got to know the words and the subjects.

Toward that end, I want to recommend to any newbies out there that the materials that you are using to prepare to caption are equally important as the actual writing skills. One product that I would highly recommend is the ‘CATapult’ CD Series …”  see this continued testimonial and more testimonials on the CATapult Dictionary system by court reporting professionals, instructors and students:   CATapult Real-Time Dictionary

If you’re expected to do more with less, on the job, in court or in a classroom, Monette wants to help you today.

Monette Benoit, B. B.A., Paralegal, CCR, CRI, CPE, is a columnist as contributing editor for NCRA’s (National Court Reporters Association) Journal of Court Reporting. Her column “Beyond The Comfort Zone” is published each month.

Since 1995, Monette has authored approximately 240 articles for the National Court Reporters Association, Journal of Court Reporting.

A sampling of her articles are listed under Latest News, per your requests.

Currently, her blog, Monette’s Musings, currently has many more articles than included on this site.

She has worked with professionals, educators, reporters, and programmers to create user-friendly interactive CDs, a textbook, workbooks, study guides, handbooks, and dictation material to assist individuals to master their work and to pursue the creation of new goals.

Monette’s services, products, educational books, tutoring and coaching, public speaking — plus, the ‘CATapult’ Series are recognized in 17 countries.

#4: Free Articles and updates

Get the latest fast tips, advice and articles from Monette Benoit on a monthly basis.

Just click here for a no-obligation subscription for fast and effective tips, advice, and updates.

For Email Newsletters you can trust

Monette’s Musings posts additional free information.  These articles are her gift to you. Articles will continue to be posted. If you have topics you would like covered, e-mail Monette@CRRbooks.com

**A note from the editor, Monette Benoit:

In memory and honor of Monette’s brother, Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, activist, researcher and friend to many who died with hepatitis C, a donation from proceeds will also be shared with “HCV Awareness, Veterans Helping Veterans.”

Each August 5th, Monette Benoit publishes an update to Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, activist, advocate, researcher. Veterans and family members frequently have been walking alone without accurate information on hepatitis C.  Now we seek to define where we are headed.

When The Tombstone Is Inaccurate, You Have To Stand And Make Hard Choices.

The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, currently posts a number of over five million adults and children within the U.S.A. who have contracted the hepatitis C virus.

Researchers have concluded four times as many people will die from hep C than AIDS within the next decade, as the hepatitis virus continues to spread and piggy-back AIDS.  WHO, World Health Organization, posts an international number of over 170 million people with the hepatitis virus.

**  This hepatitis C posted 5-plus million CDC number does not include veterans who have served their country; neither does this number include individuals in the military, prisons, homeless populations or individuals outside U.S.A. borders.

Currently, the CDC does not include their numbers with published information.

Monette’s brother wrote “The Panama Story” to assist individuals, veterans and their families to learn about hepatitis C. After Kevin’s diagnosis, he wrote one chapter each evening as he worked to assist veterans, their families and to conduct research based on facts.

Kevin combined facts, when and how this hepatitis virus appeared in 1942, with fast-paced fiction to ‘keep’ the reader interested. His book, which was printed and handed to veterans within veteran clinics in 1998.

HV With HCV = Helping Veterans And Families With HCV on FB.  Also,  www.captainkevindonnelly.com

Just as a mother teaches a child to look both ways before crossing the road, we can teach, we can share, we must.

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Since 1990 Purple Books has created extensive customized NCRA test prep materials and tutoring, coaching with the Court Reporting Whisperer for students, court reporters, captioners, CART providers, and teachers accelerating skills, earning NCRA written test and state certifications – plus – CATapult Your Dictionary.

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