Purple Books Testimonials: Students, Reporters, CART Captioners, Instructors – NCRA RPR, RDR; State CSR WKT – Thorough Exam Study Material

Testimonials & Reviews from Students, Novice/Veteran Court Reporters, CART Captioners, Program Directors, and Instructors for Purple Books

33 years of success and counting.    DIO = Done In One with Purple Books Sets.    OTO = Only Test Once

What’s the DIFFERENCE in PURPLE Books Prep for NCRA’s, National Court Reporters Association, RPR, RDR, State CSRs, and NY’s Civil Service written exams Study Materials?

Actual guided instructionOrganized testing strategies. Updated material prepared by educators and court reporters. 

Retesting is Pricey. Testing Fees Have Increased.  INVEST IN YOURSELF.

“Purple-Up” with Purple Books Sets and pass the 1st time with the Complete Set or Trio Set!

Purple Books updated textbook, workbook, companion guide used by schools and test-taking candidates, covering all elements tested by NCRA’s RPR, State CSRs, NCRA’s RDR, and NY’s Civil Service exams with instruction and motivational strategies for test-taking. 

                                                    Discover the Purple Books DIFFERENCE. 

Avoid retesting fees, stress, delays to your schooling, your career -as exams are periodically scheduled.

Since 1990:  Purple Passers = thousands of students & court reporters who “Purpled-Up” succeeded with a 98% first-time success rate with Purple Books Sets. 

That’s THE differenceThousands.     First.    Time.     Purple Books Sets.

Thanks for all you do, Monette, to continue populating our great profession. It’s working!!!  Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, RDR, CRR, CCP

Q.  “Are the Purple Books worth the investment?”   A. Absolutely!  Worth every penny you don’t spend testing over and over because you got it right the first time. (Saying that as someone who paid over and over until I Purpled-Up.) Sheri Smargon, RDR, CRR, CRC, FPR, M.A.

The WKT portion of the RPR exam covers a wide range of academics.  Online sources cover a small portion of the basics, but it’s those missing parts that will cost you that passing grade.  If you want to cover that spectrum and nail the test on your first try, I highly recommend using Monette’s Purple Books Sets.   Marc Greenberg, CRI – SimplySteno

When my students ask how they should approach studying for the [State] CSR or [NCRA] RPR, I always tell them to get a complete set of the Purple Books, workbook included, and that will be all they need. I highly recommend the Purple Books to anyone who is serious about passing their written test on the first try.    Allie Hall, RDR, CRR, CSR

After taking the written test several times, I added the Purple Books to my study guides and needless to say, I finally passed the written test in 2018.    Shaunise Day, Founder of ‘Steno in the City’

I, for one (of a small army, I’m sure), credit Monette’s Court Reporter Reference Purple Books with my one-and-done pass of the [NCRA] RDR. SO THOROUGH! Thanks, Monette Benoit!  Tori Pittman, BA, FAPR, RDR, CRI, CVR-CM-M, RCP

The Purple Books!!!  I failed that exam (RPR WKT) five times.  Got the Purple Books and studied those.  Passed it the next time I took it!  Love the books.  Kathryn Mills, Freelance Court Reporter

I would do the Purple Books!   I studied the NCRA study guide that my school gave me and failed.  To study for the next test I ordered the Trio Set of Purple Books and passed [National Court Reporters Association RPR] with no problem at all.  Monette Benoit did a great job making [material] to really help and prepare you for the test. Highly recommend!  Hailey Treasure

Thank you!  Your Purple Books were great to study from.  Lots of practice tests, and the Purple Books answer book [“Companion Guide” that accompanies the Workbook] was so detailedI passed on my first try.   😉   Joy Dee, Student

I’m very appreciative of the Purple Books you’ve created!  I suggest them to everyone I know who is testing.  Mike Hensley, CSR, RDR – CA CSR #14114 | NV CSR #956 | IL CSR #84-4846

The content of your Purple Books WKT written study material is great; not to mention I also knew how to find many of the distracting answers that I now recognize as my downfall the last time. Of course you can use my words. Heck, I’d give you a kidney — just no fingers. Joshua Foley, RPR, CCP

As a veteran court reporter who holds multiple certifications, one area of my professional life where I lacked confidence was the area of taking written exams. This year, after studying from Monette’s series of Purple Books, I have so far taken two written exams and have walked into both feeling prepared. This level of preparedness has led to a higher level of confidence. In one exam, I completed 60 questions in 20 minutes! In the other exam, I felt so confident in my knowledge that I pushed up the date for which I was scheduled to take the exam and passed it on the first attempt. You will not be disappointed with Monette’s series of books whatsoever!   Anthony D. Frisolone, RDR, CRC, FAPR (first post)

94.1%, 15th on the Open Competitive List for the New York State Lower Court Exam! Thanks, Monette!  Your Purple Books are awesome!   Anthony D. Frisolone, RDR, CRC, FAPR (second post)

I studied and passed [NCRA RPR] WKT while still in school. Thanks, Monette Benoit!!  You are the bomb! There is no way I would have passed without [Purple Books]. Thank you for all you do and have done to advance the profession.   Christine Phipps, RPR

I passed the [NCRA’s] RPR in 1989.  Thirty years later I decided to fulfill a dream and pursue the personal excellence of passing some of the state tests that, by reputation, reflect superior competence.  I haven’t taken a written test in 30 years, so what do I do?  I dig out the Purple Books and I begin to study.

     This year [2019] I have passed the CSR exams to become certified in Nevada, Texas, and California, passing all three tests the FIRST TIME.   This was a monumental savings of time and cost to not have to pay registration fees and travel expenses to take the test multiple times.

Purple Books guides are worth their weight in gold; they are comprehensive, exhaustive, and all in one place.  I can take them on jobs, on planes, to football games, 5th grade piano recitals, anywhere that I might have a few minutes to review.  My sincere gratitude to Monette Benoit for creating this resource for busy reporters who are striving to improve…  YOU MADE THIS POSSIBLE!   Debbie Dibble, RDR, CRR, CRC;  CSR: UT, NV, TX, CA

The quality of these Purple Books (for NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR written knowledge tests) are amazing. I will be spreading the word to the other students.   Tera Walker, Student   www.CRRbooks.com

Passed the [NCRA] RDR.  Thanks for the Purple Books!!  Debra Bollman Farfan, RDR

I passed the [NY] Supreme WKT with [Purple Books]… Then I passed my National Court Reporters Association RPR WKT with [Purple Books]. Stephanie Vandora

Monette Benoit, I just wanted to give you a shout-out.  Your Purple Books got me through (both certs) the [NCRA’s] RDR and [NCRA’s] CRC exams today.  Thank you!   Deborah Cohen-Rojas, RDR, CRC

Purple Books…THE BEST STUDY GUIDE/TUTOR!  I used the Purple Books by Monette Benoit.  I took the test three times before this and didn’t study.  Went in very cocky thinking I can do this….ummmm…. nope. Then I got the Purple Books and studied for about three months and yes, studied!  And voila – I AM SO EXCITED!!! I swear by the books, and you can quote me on that!  I am now a Purple Passer!!!  Wendy Beth Anderson, RDR

I passed my [NCRA RPR] WKT yesterday! First try! Thanks for the Purple Books and all your help… I got my score today. * 90!   Highly recommend the Purple Books!!!  Angie Coker Jackson and her study buddy, dog–   [www.CRRbooks.com]

Monette, just got my Texas WKT results in. I got a 92 (first try). Thanks for providing the Purple Books. The investment paid offDana Spear, Student
                    These [Purple] books helped me with both [NCRA] the RPR and the RDR written exams.  Highly recommend.  Mike Rowell, CRC, RDR, CA-CSR
Have these Purple Books.  Passed the [NCRA] RDR on my first try.   Luck?  Coincidence?   I think NOT  🙂
Passed the RDR last Saturday my first time!   Purple rules! … thank you for that AND the Purple Books!!! They helped me immensely!  It is such a hard test, and at first I was overwhelmed when I got the books but just read and read …  So the Purple Books are an Amazing Study tool – IMOLinda Walker Miller, RDR

I studied with the NCRA [National Court Reporters Association] study guide, and it didn’t work.  I studied Monette Benoit’s ‘Purple Books’ and passed. Jennifer Billstein-Miller, RPR, CRR, CCR (NJ)

Monette Benoit:  One and done with your Purple Books! I used the Purple Books for the [NCRA] RPR WKT, and I just got back my final score of 83% – Pass!!  First try!  Highly recommend!  Thank you for creating such comprehensive study guides. Your practice tests were much harder! I learned so much that I didn’t even know after 20 years in freelance. I appreciate you and all of you who are such moving proponents for our profession.  It truly is remarkable. I can just imagine all those long nights and tired eyes that went into CATapulting captioning [“CATapult Your Dictionary” Lexicons, 420+ glossaries] into mainstream and for creating these study guides. Hats off to you…  Allison Sauter Shearer, Passed RPR WKT – picture: “Gorgeous Day To Study and Doggo Sit!”

I will add my personal endorsement to Monette’s Purple Books (crrbooks.com)!  I used her book maaaaany years ago when preparing for my Illinois CSR exam and passed the WKT (Written Knowledge Test) on the first pass.   Monette has continued to invest her time and talent into updating her materials through the years, and they are a great resource for anyone getting ready for a WKT.   Kathryn Dittmeier, CRI; Chicory Meadow, LLC; www.chicorymeadow.com

Thank you soo much! I definitely agree that retesting over and over again can be pricey if you haven’t prepped properly for the exam. I found myself taking the [NCRA] RPR written a few times. It wasn’t until I purchased the Purple Books (crrbooks.com) and I passed. I will definitely use these books for future references since they are loaded with so much information.  Shaunise Day, Student,  “Founder of Steno in the City” and “Confessions of a Stenographer”  Link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1185536014961557

For all my court reporting friends… I passed my RDR — Registered Diplomate Reporter. This designation is the top — For all my nonreporter friends — it’s a big deal!!! So happy!!!!! Of course, Connie Schroyer worked with me on my English and test-taking skills, Debra Levinson on my realtime skills, and Monette Benoit on calming my nerves and her [Purple] books are invaluable. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!   Jane Hagan O’Brien, RDR

This is the second time I’ve taken this [RPR WKT] test and the Purple Books worked!  I brought them to work and studied (off camera, of course ) my butt offNow I can just concentrate on skills!  So relieved!!!   Tara Ocana

I purchased Monette Benoit’s Purple Books ‘Test-Prep Set’ from www.CRRbooks.com and have been studying a little bit every night to prep for the RPR. It is an incredibly comprehensive and thorough resource!! I’ve been studying a little bit every night, and it’s slowly all sinking in! Excellent job with these books! I feel extremely confident that, as long as I do my part, they will thoroughly prepare me for the RPR!    Rob Leifer, Passed

Best books ever! I passed because of these Purple Books. I wouldn’t have passed without them. I had been out of school almost 20 years, so I was very rusty. Your books are proof that even someone out of school (stayed home to be a mom all those years) for a long time can still do it.  Dana Highsmith

Add me to your list of people who love your Purple Books!  I love your books and tell all my students to buy them.  They are the best tools for passing the WKT, bar none!  Bonni Shuttleworth, CPE, CRI, Instructor

1st email from Lisa: Hello, Monette, I bought some study books from you a few months back for the RPR Written Knowledge Test. I took the WKT, written exam, for the RPR last Saturday; I just wanted to let you know that your Purple Books were VERY helpful in studying for the test and I felt better prepared!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I passed!!! Lisa, Court Reporter, passed

 — ** — 2nd email from Lisa: Just wanted you to know I passed the written RPR exam that I took. Using and studying your Purple Books WKT reference books helped tremendously!! Thanks again!!  Lisa, Court Reporter

Monette Benoit’s Purple Books are awesome and great for the [NY] civil service examNicole Coladonato-Lebovic, Court Reporter

I bought your Purple Books study materials for [NCRA’s] RDR. Because I was poring through your materials and studying, I was able to use what I learned from Purple Books — especially, tools taught within. I was not going to go back through the [RDR] test a second time, but decided to.  I changed multiple !!! answers where I missed key words as your books taught and emphasized. Those changed answers MADE THE DIFFERENCE IN my passing the RDR this time. I really focused on the tools, knowledge and your test tips. They helped immensely – including foods you recommend. Thank you – thank you.   Sign me: Experienced Official Reporter, Experienced Captioner -and- after 35 Years, NOW “Reporter, Captioner, RDR”

I only used the Purple Books to study [NCRA RPR WKT] and passed … I thought I was going to fail. I went in expecting to take this test to get a feel for the next one, but I passed. I owe it all to Monette Benoit!  I still use my Purple Books to go over vocabulary.  Sara Galante, Student – Now, Court Stenographer

Please use my name for your Purple Books!! They not only taught me what I could encounter on the test, but they taught me HOW to study. Honestly, if it were not for reading those books, I’d have been so lost. Mom hadn’t been feeling well for some months before [NCRA’s RPR WKT] test day, so I hadn’t met my goal of study time. However, because of your wonderful tutelage in those Purple Books, I knew HOW to do the techniques you outlined and was able to dissect very difficult multiple-choice questions. My MANY THANKS to you, Monette. I feared taking the Written much more than the Skills portion, so when I do get my 225-QA, I’ll have my RPR.   Gratefully Yours, Tamara Murphy — passed

Now that I look back on the first time I took the RPR WKT, written exam, I realize now that I knew virtually ‘nothing’ back then. You are a great teacher and mentor in so many ways.  Lauren Adams, RPR, CRR

I love my Purple Books and highly recommend them. 💕🌸  Ramona de la Torre

I endorse only those products which serve me well, and yours makes my reporting life much easier. Thank you for your continued help in the profession. Dan Olarnick, CSR-RMR, Official Court Reporter, New York

The success I had in passing the National Court Reporters Association RPR Written Knowledge Test [WKT], is due to several factors. One major factor is the use of the Purple Books study material written and taught by Monette Benoit – much of the information I studied from Monette’s material appeared on the NCRA RPR written examination …This study material consisted of information derived from years of personal experience and knowledge as a court reporter and combined medical and legal terminology, spelling, vocabulary and grammar, as well as reporting procedures. Monette has a strong desire to help the court reporting students succeed in their field. I believe her Purple Books study material is a wonderful tool that should be utilized by students and court reporters everywhere as an aid in passing written knowledge tests.

As a student not knowing what sources to consider, I felt inclined to study this material equally as I did the “Purple Books” and academic tests. Thank you, Monette! You have helped me jump a major hurdle in my career! Laura B. Ballard, RPR, CSR

I’ve been using the Purple Books and ’CRRT’ WKT CD for years, and the students love it. Every student that’s completed has passed their written RPR so far. I also tell the students to hang onto it to study for the RMR. Jennifer Sati, RMR, CRR, CBC, Program Advisor, Anoka Technical College, 2006

I PASSED THE WKT today!!!   🙂   Maria Gatto

Got a prelim pass on my National Court Reporters Association RPR WKT today!  Thank you, Purple Books!!  I honestly would not have passed that test without your books!  Mia O’Sullivan — passed

I used your materials to prepare for the written part of the National Court Reporters Association RPR and passed, so I know your stuff worksNicole Aerial Bresnick, RPR

I used Monette Benoit’s Purple Books and passed my first try! Nicole (Nic) Rubia

Anyone I have trained and has used the Purple Books, has passed (the National Court Reporters Association RPR WKT). I owned a school for many years, and now I teach and have an online program, www.PAFtraining.com. Monette Benoit can help. Patricia Falls, CCR, CRI, PAF Training LLC

Monette, I wanted to say thank you. I passed the NCRA RPR written knowledge exam, WKT, the first time after I ordered your Purple Books. They are great. I only wish I would have had them the first time I took it. Everyone I spoke to about you said that you are so proud and enthusiastic about court reporting. Thanks!!  You may use my testimonial. Hopefully it will help others.   Michael Jenkins, CCR

Good fortune is often called a windfall. This stems from medieval England when commoners had trouble finding wood for fuel. Royal decree prohibited them from chopping down trees, so when the wind knocked down branches it was a stroke of good luck. Your CSR, RPR, RDR Court Reporter Reference Purple Books Workbook is a windfall for the court reporting profession. The information in an easily-referenced and easily-retained format is a stroke of good luck for working reporters, students and instructors of court reporting. And what a delight to find an instructional textbook that is informative and entertaining!

I support your advice on how to take [NCRA and State] written knowledge tests in the Court Reporter Reference Purple Books Textbook. Your test-taking tips are helpful and will, hopefully, relieve test-taking anxiety attacks.  Both are necessary if one is truly interested in becoming certified. I applaud this much-needed contribution to our future! Mary Smith Agren, RPR, CRI, Denver, Colorado

Passed National Court Reporters Association RPR WKT today after studying with Purple Books! Definitely share!  I want everyone to know your Purple Books helped me pass the 1st time!   Yolanda Anselen

Having been a captioner for several years and out of reporting and testing arenas, I knew I would need to cram for the Registered Diplomate Reporter exam, RDR. I chose the CSR, RPR, RDR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporter Reference Purple Books Textbook and REALTIME Vocabulary Purple Books Workbook to bring myself up to date — and, how out of date I was! These books have excellent study material for the CSR and RPR. I received my RDR results. Thanks, Monette! Kathy DiLorenzo, RDR-CRR-CBC

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with tutoring/coaching and Purple Books material. You are a very sweet person. I plan on passing my National Court Reporters Association CBC, and I will keep in touch with you for further help/questions for future exams. I look at you like the Tigers Woods of Golf; you are the Tiger Woods of Court Reporting… 🙂 When I’m talking about court reporting, I always refer to you as The Tiger Woods of Court Reporting.   Have a great year!   Adina King, CART Provider

Monette, just wanted to tell you the Purple Books study material I got was great prep for the WKT.  Aced it.  After all my hand and arm problems, I’m finally an National Court Reporters Association RPR.  Next is CRR! Jane Bramblett, RPR

I ordered the Purple Books Complete Test-Prep Set: Complete NCRA, RPR, RDR, and State Written Test Prep Textbook; NCRA RPR, RDR, and State Written Prep Workbook; Companion Guide; and Realtime Vocabulary Workbook. I’m addicted! I love the Latin, vocabulary, grammar, all the quotes and motivational poems, and all the updated, detailed technology! These books are blowing my mind.   Erica Walker, Court Reporter – PASSED NCRA and State CSR written exams

The WKT, written knowledge test, [Purple Books] study material is AMAZING. You have given so many court reporting students such a great advantage, and I’m going to tell every one of my court reporting friends and classmates how awesome your Purple Books are.   Gayl Hardeman, RDR, CRR, FAPR, CART Captioner, Instructor

Just wanted to thank you for your study guides. I passed my NCRA [National Court Reporters Association] written exam! They were extremely helpful. Take care and thanks for the books – it shows how hard you worked. Your Purple Books really helped me pass the written, so thanks so much!   Lisa B. Johnston, RMR, CRR, CCP

“Any one who wants to pass the test the first time needs this Purple Books Test-Prep material!”
I passed the NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, Written Knowledge Test with a 97 I am so proud and relieved by accomplishing one hurdle in the midst of my patient prodding. Thank you for the NCRA written exam, Purple Books WKT books, which I found on Court Reporter Reference Books, www.crrbooks.com to prepare students and court reporters for this hurdle. I now know that this can be achieved the first time with proper studying and knowing how to take a test. I have to tell others taking the State CSR and NCRA RPR tests. Many people are taking the test for a second time – or more. This was huge. Thank you!   Megan Price, Student

Tutoring: I find your energy, Monette, to be great! Your enthusiasm is wonderful. You are a delightful teacher and author. Before I began to work with you, I was always able to find something about life that interrupted my goals. Thank you for believing in my skills and dedication to this goal of becoming a certified court reporter. I needed that to pursue my goals.

Your specific tutoring homework assignments and reviews – customized – to where I am and what my skills need to be have greatly benefited me. And I passed another test!  It was refreshing to pass one test, then another and to give me that feeling that you talked about. I was getting quite distracted by events, things, and frustrations. I realize I had neglected specific areas you targeted. This has led me to learning and relearning with a new focus. Thank you for that.  Susannah Landberg, Court Reporting Student, Soon-To-Be-Court Reporter

I had ordered guides to pass – and despite studying them and absorbing their respective info as best I could – had no relevance whatsoever for when I took that part of the CSR.   But your Purple Books were on-point, and I totally was familiarized with questions on the CSR.  Clarence Dionisio, CSR, CART Provider

Originally, I failed NCRA’s RPR Written Exam — Twice!! That test was a ‘got-ya’ both times, and I studied both times, and it cost me a lot of money to FAIL that Test TWICE!! I’m a working court reporter in court. I realtime every day — have since day one. That’s where you came in. I purchased the Purple Books material from Court Reporter Reference Books. Easily – and I mean easily, I passed the RPR, and THAT’s not an EASY test!  I’m serious. Use my words; share them, so others do not take that test more than once. The cost of the books is cheaper than the registration to take the test a second or even a THIRD time — LIKE I DID. Your motivation, focus, and concise sharing in the Purple Books is proof that IF I had the books for the first exam I KNOW I WOULD HAVE PASSED. Now I’m certified, as the court required when I accepted this position. And I’m also smarter. That test is now behind me … way behind me. I’ve now set my goals higher, bigger! Now, I want customized tutoring and coaching with you. Thank you.   Official Court Reporter, RPR, CRR

This is good stuff, down to earth and on the level that working reporters need. From now on, our court reporters are going to get to know the Purple Books CSR, RPR, RDR Written Knowledge Test Textbook, Written Exam Workbook, and Realtime Vocabulary Workbook by Monette Benoit better than their childhood teddy bear, dragging them around everywhere and maybe taking them home to bed. Steven Edmondson, B.S., CSR, CLVS, Birmingham, AL

I’m going to tell (them) that if they do not ‘invest’ in this Purple Books test-prep material, they are doing themselves a huge injustice. There is nothing like this out for us students. I am so thankful I found your CRRbooks.com site and all you have to offer … and that I took advantage of it. At least this is one area of the exam I won’t have to worry about!   Ashley Logston, Online Student

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to fully review your fine book, CSR, RPR, RDR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporters Reference Purple Books Textbook, which is aimed at assisting students to pass the written knowledge test given in conjunction with the National Court Reporters Association RPR test and CSR state tests.

We have ordered this book for use in our CSR prep course, which is given four times each year, for I feel it will be a great benefit to them. The format makes it readily workable, and the content is good. I have frequently stated that although students must have good speed and accuracy in machine writing, the knowledge factor is most important in an adequate court reporter. Enough has not been done along this line of student development; and your Purple Books certainly will contribute greatly to producing a well-rounded graduate. I wish you much success in the distribution, which has so much of merit I recommend it.   Sincerely yours,  Mary H. Knapp, Chairman, CTRP, Court Reporting, Department

The more words you know, the more accurate will be your speaking, writing, thinking, and reporting. Monette Benoit will inspire you to make vocabulary-building a joyful and lifelong pursuit.   Dr. Richard Lederer, NCRA Language Columnist

I recommend The Court Reporter Reference Text and Workbook. I give both books an excellent review!   Nancy Patterson, Director, Bryan College, CA, Author, NCRA, “Preparing For The RPR [and] CM Written Knowledge Test”

Bravo! Behold! A beautiful book by Benoit! Beneficial! Beneficiant! A bellwether and bearer of information! A beacon of enlightment! A bargain! A preview of your Purple Books RealTime Vocabulary Workbook bring to the forefront the answer of the average reporter’s needs for the immediate future, as ‘REALTIME’ is here to stay and is in universal demand. I absolutely recommend this RealTime Vocabulary Workbook.   Robert H. Clark, RPR, National Court Reporters Association Librarian-Historian, Emeritus

Thank you for providing such valuable tools toward preparing students for the RPR and CSR written knowledge tests. You have given us a wealth of information to use in other classes as well — terminology, English, Court Procedures and CAT. A special tribute to your dedication to the court reporting profession. The Purple Books RPR, RDR Textbook, Workbook and Study Guide books are wonderful! Keep up the hard work!   Dr. Pauletta Morse, Associate Professor, SIU, Carbondale, IL

Bravo! Bravo! What else can I say except that you have done a tremendous job. What a job it must have been researching all that material. You must have spent an enormous amount of time putting together the Purple Books CSR, RPR, RMR Written Knowledge Test Textbook and Workbook. I am sure that the students who use your books to prepare for the WKT, written exam, must sing your praises. I believe that not only are your books helpful for test taking, but they are an invaluable asset to one’s reference library. The poems you included are inspiring, encouraging, entertaining, and brought smiles to my lips. Thank you for the Purple Books. I hope that your present students realize what an outstanding person and teacher you are. All my best wishes for much success.   Florence B. Lefkof, Court Reporting Instructor

With guidance and assistance from Monette she motivated me more than any instructor to graduate and get out of school. She put me in a better focus. This is a godsend. Now I am more systematic and not jumping from here to there. When I study the Purple Books NCRA RPR WKT Textbook, Workbook and Study Guide material, I focus on the organized WKT information. Monette taught me to practice sensibly and using her tips, I see the difference now. I am very impressed with my work now. My work, my notes are so much better. I was going to school and not putting in as much as I should have. Then I started sessions with Monette. I have come a long way to focus in this program working privately with Monette. Irene Davidson, Tutoring, WKT prep, NY

You’ve blown my court reporting world right open, and it’s been 4 years now that I’ve been captioning full-time. This is huge. The tutoring is refreshing. I felt overwhelmed yesterday, but after speaking to you, I feel much better. This is the way I like to roll. Your help makes so much sense and changes everything for me. Everything. Thank you. Maureen O’Brien, CART Captioner

I am a working reporter who has lived in NJ, but worked in NYC since 1989. I take a fair amount of medicals and hard stuff and always try to shorten my writing to make it as brief as possible. I have been working on that for the last five years or so and have noticed a great improvement in my speed and accuracy. Your CATapult, I think, will help me.

It certainly sounds like you are on the cutting edge of this field. And thank you for helping so much! This is a very difficult profession, and I say that even now after so many years! I do try to improve my skills, abilities when I can. I have learned the more accurate and efficient I am, basically the easier my own jobs are going to be. And that, for me, is incentive enough… I am just a normal guy working for a living. I did an Internet search and came across your site www.CRRbooks.com. Now I have got it bookmarked. You may use my name if you wish and anything I wrote. I just appreciate people like you who take the time to try to make us a little better than the day before!  Thomas Fernicola, Working Court Reporter

Hi, Monette! I am very proud to say that I have completed court reporting school and have started working. I have only taken three jobs, but have discovered that I now have something completely new to process. You are among the people who gave me an extra push when I needed it. After reading your words about processing, I never looked at school the same way. Of course, I was frustrated many, many times; however, I never felt as if I was standing still. I was always able to see a pay-off from my efforts; even if it just meant that I could sit and write for three hours without stopping, instead of only two and a half. Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me and offer support.

I really love the CATapult, and I am glad that I purchased it. It has been so helpful, and will continue to be, I am sure. But I am most grateful that you took the time to go beyond answering my questions about your product. You took the time to address the root of my problem, which turned out to be a problem of perception and mindset. There is no way I can repay you for that, except by paying it forward, which I promise to do! Bless you! Janet Tilley, Ex-Student, Court Reporter, TN

I love my CATapult. It is a wonderful tool for students and reporters at any level of mastery. Jane P. McNally, Ph.D., MA

Last week I used CATapult to get my fingers quieted down before a construction-site injury accident deposition I took. I was running behind because it took me a little longer to find the address. It was nice to be able to sit down, get everything set up, and warm up on words I knew I would encounter in the deposition. Plus, I had not done anything with construction lately, so it was very helpful to flip into that program. I smiled in thanks to you!! Eleanor Mitchell, CCR, RPR

I am, of course, interested in improving myself, as a senior court reporter; I find it increasing difficult to write at the speed I used to have (I’m an RMR). Therefore, when I come across CATapult, a product such as yours, one that will enhance me professionally and help build my dictionary, I try it. If I enjoy the product, and it works as claimed — of course, yours does — I try to pass it on to my fellow reporters.

I can say I am a certified operator of CATapult and a pretty darn good test-taker of legal terms from the ** written knowledge test, WKT, for test preparation. Together with the extensive and specific content you have collected and researched over the years, it is a great combination. I can see how a student or professional would gain much through the practice.  Teacher

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your CATapult. I just love it.Thank you again, and feel free to use any of my emails for public use. Dana Massie, Student

Thank you for seven volumes of the CATapult. WOW! Who needs a tele when you can have this much fun? Guess what I am doing? I am so happy; all set to rock and roll. Frances Dobson, CART Provider, United Kingdom

You have to picture me with active children — each day. I’m always happy to give a testimonial about your products because they are all good. All my students, from way back, loved the dictation material “Popcorn Q & A” and the Purple Books WKT CSR, RPR, RDR Textbook, Workbook and Study Guides. Your Handbooks are great! And CATapult is fun to work on… yet another example of Monette’s high quality resources that are available to help us all be better reporters and captioners. Carol Thomas, Reporter, Instructor, CSR, RPR, CRI, CPE, “MOM”

When I started using CATapult I was smiling. Plus, with your tutoring I am not bogged down, and I realize this is not far out of reach. I can do this! The more I see results the better I feel, and that is a real plus for me! It is a really very helpful for students and court reporters. I am now able to put in what I want and what I want to clean. My fingers are getting stronger writing all the words more accurately. I feel so good about what I am doing, and my accuracy is going up. No one has ever taught me this before. I am achieving what I wanted to achieve. I used to sit and practice; I was not paying attention. It was not taking me anywhere. I was going to school and not putting in as much as I should have. Now I run to do this, and I do not make excuses. I have come a long way! Now I pay so much more attention. I focus. Thank you for helping me to increase accuracy, decrease errors and to have fun while I am working on this. Claire Jonnes

CATapult: An excellent tool for building your captioning dictionary. Denise Agard, CSR, Captioner, Canada

I used the CATapult to help round out my dictionary, amazed at the common words that were missing from my repertoire. After 15 years as a freelance reporter, I became a captioner, and dictionary – building is a perpetual project for me. Thanks again for your help. Annette Sanders, RPR, Bristol, IN

Thank you for your wonderful CATapult! Cindy Clark, CART Provider

This is not an email about my [tutoring] assignments for the week. This is a THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING AND BEING A COMPASSIONATE PERSON email. I appreciate all of the advice you have given me. I believe I can do this and will do this (stenography). I want this soooo bad I can taste it. One thing I do not lack is perseverance. Thank you for helping me and for caring. Official Court Reporter

My journey into court reporting began many moons ago. I attended school for a short while. During that time, I suffered a tremendous loss in my life and dropped out. My entire world collapsed. I returned to school years later, but was not able to complete the program. As time went by, I had many jobs always thinking of how challenging ’that little machine’ was and the impact it had made in my life. I continued to read anything and everything pertaining to court reporting, including the JCR magazine. I maintained relationships with working reporters. Fast forward to January 2007, while reading the JCR magazine, I saw a classified ad, which offered court reporting tutoring. I immediately recognized the name as I have been reading Ms. Monette Benoit’s articles for years. I emailed Ms. Monette. She returned my email, and then we spoke on the telephone.

My life, once again, changed. We had an “intake” — more like a heart-to-heart conversation about my dreams and goals. Her energy and support were unbelievable. I felt like an angel had just walked into my life to guide me, and I wholeheartedly believe God places people in our lives at just the right time. This was only the beginning… I shared with Monette not just my court reporting frustrations, but many other things. Monette listened and advised. We established what I am certain will be a lifelong relationship.

Tutoring is such a small part of how Monette has reached me. Because of Monette, I have made new friends in the court reporting profession. I have emailed people for assistance and received all positive responses. My new friends (and I am sure there will be many, many, more) spent hours on the telephone with me. One in particular found Ms. Monette in the same little ad and also refers to her as an angel.

They, like Monette, share their court reporting and life experiences, which enthrall me. I love to listen to them. It is enlightening and funny as all heck. They are real people with real stories and invaluable advice. They are true professionals. I now call Mondays: Mondays with Monette. I look forward to my session and enjoy it so very much. Monette has a great sense of humor, a big heart, and is a kind, compassionate person. She motivates me. Tells me just like it is in a very polite way. I appreciate her style. I appreciate her pushing me, and I appreciate her heart. I’ve gotten so much in such a short period of time. I feel so blessed that Ms. Monette has come into my life. I know I have sooooo much more to look forward to and that I will attain my goals. Thank you, Monette, for your guidance and for taking time out of your very busy life to help me. You are truly God-sent. Sandra Aviles, CT

Monette Benoit’s materials and CATapult are wonderful for dictionary building and test prep, too. They are highly recommended by captioning companies for transitioning reporters and have been a tremendous help to me. Suzanne Small Kelly, RPR, RMR, RDR, CRR, CBC, CPE

I have had a long history in training captioners, and it is my belief that the strongest captioners are those who are strong writers. Seems simplistic, I know, but the reason that they are strong writers is not because they have got perfect fingers on perfect hands. The reason that they are strong writers is because they can process information at a very rapid pace. And they can process information quickly because they know what they are writing.

You can not write well what you do not know and what you do not understand. In the end, it is all about words, but you have got to know the words and the subjects. Toward that end, I want to recommend to any newbies out there that the materials that you are using to prepare to caption are equally important as the actual writing skills. One product that I would highly recommend is CATapult.

Monette Benoit has a long and illustrious career in developing materials that give captioners and captioner-wannabes the knowledge that they need to caption well. CATapult contains over a half a million words among 420 categories …You can find out more about CATapult by visiting www.CATapultdix.com. Kathy DiLorenzo, RDR-CRR-CBC

When asked if I would be willing to review the “Purple Books RPR, CSR, RMR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporter Reference Workbook,” I probably should have said, “I’d love to, but I’m just a buried bureaucrat at VITAC, up to my ears in alligators. Why not ask Kathy DiLorenzo, Judy Brentano, Kevin Daniel or some other of those heroes laboring in the vineyard of realtime reporting to do it? They’re in the field every day, writing their little fingers off. How about those great educators, people like Judy Larson or Bill Oliver? Me, I’ve been reduced to a bean counter, nothing more.

Instead I melted, as usual whenever someone asks, “Marty, can you do …” and so here I am, an old soldier pressed into what is certainly not the most unpleasant duty. After all, in VITAC operations, with their pages dog-eared from never ending use, are Monette Benoit’s wonderful reference manuals on sports, the environment, the military, politics, ethics, religion, and virtually everything else under the sun, is perhaps the greatest collection of educational and reference material ever assembled by one individual in the court reporting industry. If the real-time writers of the world can benefit from Monette’s contribution, surely I have an obligation to honor her contribution. So I offer you a review from one who enjoys the somewhat dubious honor of being as the “grandfather of realtime captioning.” Grandfather, would you believe? (1.)

The “Purple Books NCRA Test Prep Workbook” is a remarkably versatile tool. In this age when the raw material of the average high school educated student gives teachers such poor clay from which to mold future reporters, here is a wonderful tutoring tool, which can be utilized to make up for the years of educational neglect. Combined with the “Companion Study Guide for Reporters and Students,” “The Purple Books Court Reporter Reference Textbook,” the workbook simultaneously serves as a valuable vocabulary builder and imparter of critical knowledge to help the average contemporary student achieve excellence.

For those about the face the daunting challenge of the NCRA Written Knowledge Test, National Court Reporters Association WKT, the Purple Books workbook offers a full review of the potential battery of questions they will be facing. I have always felt (and I know I’m far from alone in this opinion) that the best reporters, those that have shown the most remarkable of reporting skills, are those with the broadest knowledge, people of great intellect who have refined their mental and shorthand capabilities to the farthest degree. We were once a very scholarly profession, even though the practitioners did not always possess advanced degrees form universities.

Where but in reporting can one find women and men knowledgeable in such diverse areas of our mother tongue as medical, legal, technical and general language? A journey through the Purple Books “RPR, CSR, RDR Written Knowledge Test Workbook” is a journey through all these components, and all one has to do is answer the questions. I love Monette’s interspersing the poems and quotations to cheer the learner on. Imagine finding Mark Twain, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Thomas Huxley all on the same half page. Wouldn’t that be a wild gathering to be in attendance at? I particularly love her Huxley quote:  “Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.”

By the way, Monette, I was the guy who came up with the two greater than signs (>>) for change of speaker in roll-up captioning. A certain unnamed friend wanted to use two at signs (@@) because he thought it looked like two ears. So, dear reader, by now you must have learned two things. First, that one should never ask a bean counter to review a book that deals with anything beyond the realm of managing the finances and administration of his company. Second, that having asked this bean counter his opinion of this wonderful learning tool, it is rather apparent that I endorse it in all regards and congratulate the author once more on bringing the ship successfully home to port. Martin H. Block, RPR, RDR, First Court Reporter to Broadcast Caption a Live Event, 1982

This is to let you know how pleased I was to receive your Purple Books that will help students study to pass the WKT, written knowledge test. I use the Purple Books in the preparatory classes that we offer every semester for our current students as well as working reporters in the area. You have covered all the areas that are on our test. You have saved me hours of work, and I appreciate all your effort. This will greatly enhance our students’ chance of passing the Written Knowledge Test, WKT.  Sincerely, Judy Larson, St. Louis Community College, MO


Together, we are reducing the court reporting shortage.

Done In One = Only Test Once with Purple Books Material.     www.CRRbooks.com

1 thought on “Purple Books Testimonials: Students, Reporters, CART Captioners, Instructors – NCRA RPR, RDR; State CSR WKT – Thorough Exam Study Material

  1. Monette, I just wanted to write to thank you and to tell other court reporters taking the WKT tests how wonderful this set of Purple Books is! I scheduled my National Court Reporters Association RDR test and, of course, didn’t have much time to study. Studying for the RDR is very difficult to do on your own. I mean, where do you start? You are tested on such a broad base of subjects or categories. In a hopeful search for reference books to study, I ran across Purple Books. I only had 8 days to study before my scheduled test date.

    Thanks to you and the content of these books, I passed on the first try (just as you claimed was possible)!!

    As others have said, you cover every test topic in these books.

    I immersed myself in your books in those 8 days and at first felt overwhelmed, but then I came to look forward to my study time every day. I learned so much more than I previously knew about Latin words, legal terms, and computer technology. And while I felt fairly confident in my vocabulary, grammar, and medical terminology, you provided deeper study and a check of what I knew or thought I knew.

    Note to others: Grammar preferences have evolved and changed over the years, just in case you didn’t know. You need to be current to pass your tests!

    Your books provide the information, a study guide to reinforce the knowledge, and explanations to help understand the information learned. It became addictive!

    You also impart knowledge that helped my brain think in test mode. That was invaluable!

    I actually felt calm and confident during the test.

    I feared running out of time and not being able to answer 120 questions within the timeframe given. I finished with 25 minutes left to review everything!

    But my reason for writing is to tell others that if they are wondering whether these books really do help, THEY DO. Monette’s “Done in One” claim is valid!

    I don’t know of anywhere else that you can get all of this information in one place. It is truly worth it!

    Monette, thank you for all of the hours you spent writing these Purple Books! I remain in awe of you.

    With sincerest gratitude, Debbie Krotz, RDR, CRR, CSR-IL.

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