Tutoring and Career Coaching Services for NCRA RPR and State CSR Court Reporting Certifications

Tutoring and Coaching for Court Reporting Students, Reporters, and CART Captioners

Private Tutoring and Career Coaching for:   Students, Court Reporters, CART Providers, Captioners, Reporting Veterans

Accelerate your career as a student, court reporter or CART Captioner with affordable tutoring and coaching with Monette Benoit, named the Court Reporting Whisperer by court reporting students

If you’re struggling or simply want to accelerate your career’s progress, court reporting veteran Monette Benoit can help you achieve your goals.

If you are a student or experienced court reporter experiencing NCRA RPR test anxiety and State CSR test anxiety, Monette can help.


Who comes to Monette Benoit for tutoring and career coaching?
• Veteran court reporters and CART Captioners brushing up on their skills for test-taking requirements,
• In-class students who feel they’re falling behind or aren’t ready for the required tests,
• Students or veterans who struggle with focus, goal-setting, time-management, or other life skills that might be interfering in their upward success,
• At-home students who want to ensure they’re on track for their exam and career goals,
• Veteran court reporters and CART Captioners expanding their career options in related fields,
• Students and veterans alike who find they’re struggling with key areas in their daily practice,
• Students or veterans who have begun to question their career or whether they’re on the “right track” …


Monette Benoit can help you achieve at much higher levels. Where do you want to go?

What have you really wanted to do with your career and, ultimately, your life?

Specific custom-designed guidance efficiently assists you!

Inquire about empowerment tutoring and coaching by emailing Monette directly at: Tutoring@CRRbooks.com
Be sure to include your time zone and if you are an official reporter, freelance reporter, CART Captioner, student, rookie or experienced court reporter.

About Monette Benoit:
As a 25-year court reporter, CART provider, author of NCRA test prep material and an instructor, Monette Benoit has taught multiple theories, academics, all speed classes and the 225 homeroom within NCRA-approved schools and a community college. She understands the challenges many adults now face in our industry and schooling.

Monette Benoit has worked with thousands of professionals, court reporters, students, and instructors. She has also helped create new court reporting training programs, worked with federal grants for NCRA-approved schools, and assisted instructors in developing curriculum for both in-class and at-home students.

Her one-on-one tutoring has greatly assisted thousands of students, CART Captioners, and court reporters to privately reach the next level.
Tutoring/coaching topics include:
• Test-taking,
• Speedbuilding,
• Court reporting test prep,
• Technology in the court reporting and captioning industries,
• Analyzing what’s working and what’s not working in your own career path,
• Motivation skills to keep you moving forward,
• Time-management skills,
• Process learning for more effective retention,
• Communication skills and daily interaction improvement skills.

Monette will track your advancement, monitor and negotiate your ability to meet the goals created together. This “team” approach ensures you stay motivated, focused, advance in your schooling, and meet your goals.

Inquire about tutoring and coaching by emailing Monette directly at: Tutoring@CRRbooks.com
Please include your time zone and if you are an official reporter, freelance reporter, student, rookie or experienced court reporter.
** Students receive a discount

What fellow professionals, students and instructors say about their tutoring and coaching sessions with Monette Benoit

“It’s nice to know someone really believes in you.”  I feel we covered a lot of my main problems in our sessions together.  Not only did I feel like I had a tutor/coach, but that I had a counselor as well.  Dealing with the whole picture is very important, and I’m glad you were there to guide me through it. Emily Leiker, Student

“As a coach, Monette Benoit raised the bar for me.” I am forever grateful for the excellent advice, guidance, and motivation that Monette gave to me during a stage in my training when I really needed the help. She is such a great coach with superior listening skills. She came to know me and understand me very quickly, and she helped me to raise the bar and push myself more. I always looked forward to our sessions together.
Cheryl Hoover, Student – now Court Reporter, Instructor

“My future is bright again.” My heart is full of gratitude! You are an angel from the sky! I look forward to our talks. My future has become so exciting and bright, and I have to say it is all because of you!
California CSR, CART Provider, Now Firm Owner

“Here’s what a custom session with Monette Benoit is like …”
I loved the individual, personal training that Monette offered me. I especially appreciated that it was all about me and my particular areas of desired improvement. We also talked about how health, diet and exercise are an essential part of my personal success.
Monette was always very well prepared for our sessions with informative lessons and short takes specially chosen to strengthen my areas of weakness. At the conclusion of each session she gave me “homework” assignments, and gave me summaries of what we had worked on and what we would be covering in our next session. We had no set curriculum, as would be standard in a full classroom.
Each session together we would find areas of recommended improvements and Monette would structure future sessions based on those recommendations. Even for such a short period of time working together, I saw a vast improvement in my writing.  California CSR, Court Reporter

“I know I CAN do it, but I want to do it well and be prepared.”
Monette, you are AWESOME!!! You are such an inspiring and interesting person to talk to and I feel so blessed to have found you. You don’t pull any punches … I’m so glad we’re working together. The light bulb went on, so to speak!
The one thing I’ve learned through this process is that anything worth doing takes time and preparation and dedication. I stuck with court reporting for so long because I love to learn and I love words, language, English. I know I CAN do it, but I want to do it well and be prepared. Sometimes it seems as if you’re a bit of a mind – maybe it’s just because you’re very good at what you do and because you love doing it. I know with your guidance and inspiration, I can really do this.  Donna Crossan, RPR

“It’s so satisfying to see it working!” My class work, my steno strokes — my writing is cleaning up — I see a definite improvement in those areas — and more. I did find there were simple tips to accomplish more working with you during each private class. I’ve been starting to get the idea that this will actually work! And it is very satisfying to see what actually is now working and very satisfying to work at reachable goals, speeds, tran rates for real-time. I now know this is possible. Thank you. I am ready to pass. No petty details will stop me now. Please sign me:
I Just Got A 97.8 On A 180 Test!

“You sure have contributed fantastic products for court reporters!” What a nice job you have done.  Thank you for your efforts in promoting our profession.  Rachel Walker, RPR, CLR, CRR

“Thank you for believing in my skills and dedication to this goal.” I find your energy, Monette, to be great! Your enthusiasm is wonderful. You are a delightful teacher and author. Before I began to work with you, I was always able to find something about life that interrupted my goals. Thank you for believing in my skills and dedication to this goal of becoming a certified court reporter. I needed that to pursue my goals.
Your specific homework assignments and reviews – customized – to where I am and what my skills need to be have benefited me greatly. And I passed another test! It was refreshing to pass one test, then another to give me that feeling that you talked about.
I could feel what it felt like to be able to keep up for whole stretches of time. I think this is good for a sense of context and confidence building. I was getting quite distracted by events, things, and frustrations. I realize I had neglected specific areas you targeted. This has led me to learning and relearning with a new focus. Thank you for that.  Susannah Landberg, Court Reporting Student, Soon-To-Be-Court Reporter

“You’ve blown my court reporting world right open.” You’ve blown my court reporting world right open, and it’s been 4 years now that I’ve been captioning full-time. This is huge. The tutoring is refreshing. I felt overwhelmed yesterday, but after speaking to you, I feel much better. This is the way I like to roll. Your help makes so much sense and changes everything for me.  Maureen O’Brien, Full-time Captioner

“Monette Benoit’s coaching is just what I needed to get me focused in my current reporting career.”
I felt like a mountain had been lifted off my shoulders after speaking to you the first time. This is such a relief! This is just what I needed to get me focused and going again. I feel so much better now and will follow the advice you shared.  Nancy Robbins, RPR, RMR, full-time reporter 25 years

“Monette quickly assessed my current study habits and practicing techniques.”
I’m currently a court reporting student and receive private instruction from Monette Benoit. Although I attend a court reporting school, I was not comfortable that the vocabulary and speed-building process being taught would move me to graduating speeds in an acceptable timeframe. Monette is very knowledgeable in all areas of court reporting and very quickly assessed my current study habits and practicing techniques. She was able to recognize where I was in my studies and who I was as a person in the first session.
She offered suggestions that started helping me that same day! As a mature student I very much appreciated Monette’s ability to immediately address my issues, which are very different from a younger student. During my private instruction, Monette provided custom dictation based on my needs with emphasis on accuracy, endurance, and speed. She helped me structure a program that I know is going to help me to progress at an acceptable pace. Monette also provided invaluable information that will help me make informed decisions as I start my court reporting career. When someone has made such a huge impact on your life, it is hard to put into words everything they have done.  Deb Osborne, Colorado, Court Reporter

“As a coach, Monette Benoit radiates the energy of 10 cruise directors.”
I truly thank you for our time together in your tutoring program. My work has greatly improved. And my real-time has improved. I know wonderful opportunities are ahead of me. You radiate the energy of 10 cruise directors with warmth, comfort and (much needed) POSITIVE ENERGY! I appreciate your invaluable expertise and look forward to updating you on my progress.  Stephanie Michaels, High-Speed Student

“Monette, as a coach, a certain beer ball cap would suit you …”
Who is this Monette Benoit anyway? don’t know of anyone who can take a day’s detritus and pull it all together quite like her. She seems to have done everything with a steno machine that can be done and understands every angle a stenographic machine has ever been pointed. If you need a lift or a kick, I can’t think of a better place to get one. After four years, here I am struggling with my 180s, in and out of an on-line school. I stumbled into some conversations with Monette Benoit right when I could feel my attitude veering towards defeat. She’s so lighthearted! With strong opinions! I’ve got some new ideas, and something about that death grip I had on the whole subject just feels eased.
You are a very good teacher. It seems all the info that comes in can be funneled to a day’s lesson. You know such a rich and lovely variety of people, and your capacity for appreciation seems well-developed. My brother had a hat he loved. It came from a beer company with the motto “No Whiners.” Monette, how do you feel about ball caps from beer companies? Sure would suit you.  Jane Tuchscherer, BA

“You are a great teacher and mentor in so many ways.”  Lauren Adams, RPR, CRR

“Now I’m more systematic and not jumping from here to there.” With guidance and assistance from Monette, I have been motivated more than any instructor to graduate and get out of school. She put me in a better focus. This is a Godsend. I was not going to practice and study the way she recommended. Now, I am more systematic and not jumping from here to there.
When I study the WKT material, I focus on the organized WKT. When I focus on speed, I focus clearly on steno, speed. Monette taught me to practice sensibly and, using her tips, I see the difference now. I am very impressed with my work now – my work, my notes are so much better. I was going to school and not putting in as much as I should have. Then I started sessions with Monette – I have come a long way in this program by working privately with Monette.  Irene Davidson, Tutoring, WKT prep, New York

“Monette Benoit’s tutoring was a driving force for me.” I have great news for you. I passed my final 180 wpm literary test. I am now in the final prep. Thank you for all your assistance. You are a driving force for me.
Evening Court Reporting Student

“Not only are you a great tutor – you helped me through some emotional times as a court reporting student.”  Thank you for everything you contributed to my life as a home-study student. Your title is tutor, but you are so much more than that. Your vast wisdom, and willingness to share with me, helped me through some rough and emotional times as a student. Each time we spoke it was amazing how you intuitively knew what I needed for that day’s session; dictation in areas of stamina or speed-building work; clarifying new goals or adjusting current ones; discussion about where to take the skill; or some motivational words to encourage and keep me moving forward.
Your evaluation of my skills and my questioning about this career were always honest. You have an amazing ability to pose tactful and subtle questions, prompting me to view things in a different light, often guiding me to a different and more productive path. Because of all the energy you put into our time together, I am finally at peace with my place in life, in a job that fulfills me, and which I truly enjoy.
Please feel free to refer any potential students to me if they would like an honest evaluation and recommendation from one who feels so blessed to work with someone as talented, and humble, as you.
Rema Strauss, Washington

“A changed life.” Your words of wisdom, honesty, patience and guidance will stay with me always. Shirley D., Student

“When I found Monette Benoit, I was frustrated and tired.”
After my sessions with Monette Benoit, I felt as if I had met an old friend. She somehow knew exactly what I was thinking. She could say it aloud in such a way that was practical and caring.
Just by listening to my concerns, she could work her intuitive magic and give me tips, advice, suggestions, and most importantly, reality checks. Monette understood my writing and gave me ideas on how to get to the root of the problem. That was the biggest difficulty before. I had always tried quick fixes, but you can’t get better at steno with quick fixes.
I credit Monette with helping me get to the CSR exam. I still have work to do on improving my writing, but I am closer! I will be going to the next CA CSR exam! When I found Monette, I was frustrated and tired. She helped build my confidence, helped me to focus, and was a positive force in my life.
Monette understands steno and court reporting school. She opened up my mind to new reasons and possibilities, and she reminded me of the strength I already had in me. Thank you, Monette. You helped me! I will come back to you for more help when I need it!  Angela, California Qualifier

“Your ‘whole body approach’ was just what I needed to pass my RPR.”
Monette, it was such a pleasure talking to you. I feel excited about what I’ll be able to accomplish with your guidance. Thank you so much for your time. I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I’m looking forward to the next step.
Working alone as a captioner can be isolating. Now, I am further than I ever thought I would be in this training for On-Air Captioner. The whole body approach was exactly what I needed to take the RPR. As a working court reporting and mother and wife, I needed help moving through the fog. Working each day in court and depos, it was hard to know where to begin. Every day, every night I am focused. This is GREAT! Court Reporter, RPR, Texas CSR

“I’ve developed new muscles.” You helped me change my approach, to analyze pauses, hesitations, tests, drops, the errors, the results … I have developed new muscles and strengthened my skills in our classes.  Carl, Court Reporter

“Now, I’m making daily, forward progress.” A tutor is different than a teacher. You have helped to guide me to fill in the gaps. I needed help pulling it all together. The variety is great! Working on my own, I did not understand how to guide my time. Now I have schedules; I know what I am doing and I’m making daily, forward progress. Thanks!
Rachel Picone, Student

“As a court reporting student, I’m getting more done in much less time.” Prior to working with you, I felt like I was going backwards instead of forward. I kept thinking ’should I keep going’? Now I’m going up in speed, and I get more done in less time.
Cindy Winston, Student

“Monette, you were the clock that woke me up.” How is it that I can write all day producing transcripts and when I need to write to a simple five-minute take I freeze? Well, now I know how to devote my attention. I had forgotten test-mode. Tick-tock, Monette. You were the clock that woke me up.
CART provider, Real-time Court Reporter

“As a returning student, I couldn’t have done it without Monette Benoit.”
I had been a court reporting student many years ago. I had to drop out of school for personal reasons. When I enrolled again, there was so much to learn I was frustrated sitting in each day. I needed attention and someone to answer my questions, to guide me. Thanks, Monette.
Nancy Coneli, Student

“Monette Benoit’s coaching held me accountable to my own goals.”
Prior to our time together I would get sidetracked. I always had a list, but I would procrastinate. I have huge goals. These tutoring sessions have helped me progress more quickly and with accuracy.
As a working mother, it was taking me longer than others to get the tests. Now I have my schedules — you held me accountable. And, the times I used to dread going to the machine are over. I focus, analyze and am so grateful for this private processing.  Jeannie Smith

“I had to prove to YOU that I was improving.” I had never had a tutor class. Working with a private tutor was new and I had to prove to you and to myself that I was improving. needed the discipline after long days at work. I’m surprised how much I was transposing, dropping on tests — This chapter in my life has been a wealth of material, a library I will always keep. CSR, RPR — now CCR

“My online study needed a live voice.” I was enrolled in an online program and was just throwing myself around with each class, each speed. It was not very personal and that personal touch was what I needed. Your dictation is smooth, and I love the live voice. Your wisdom and advice is just what I need to hear.
Knowing you have worked as a CART provider, and worked in court as a court reporter helps, too. I was always fascinated with the deaf culture. The deaf sensitivity you taught me was important since I want to provide CART. This was what I needed to boot me up through three speed classes. Some days I was so frustrated. I needed to vent now and then, and you would listen and get me back on track. Focus, focus, focus — now I know multiple methods. Thanks! RPR and CCP, here I come! Student

“Monette Benoit understands how important it is to us to have that CSR title.”
Monette, showing me that you care about a struggling want-to-be-so-bad court reporter truly means a lot to me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I just want to achieve the goal I set out to do.
As I told you, I will not quit until I have that title behind my name of CSR or RPR. People may say, “What’s in a title?” Well, when I started court reporting school, I never imagined it would take me as long as it did. I, unfortunately, was not considered a “natural”. I worked very hard at every speed level. Then, I started a family before I graduated school and here I am today continuing to attain that title. Some may think, wow, what perseverance you have or some may think, maybe you should try a different profession. And I would say to them: I’m not the type of person to give up on something that easy. If I start something, I will finish it hell or high water.
My point is “What’s in a title?” For ME, a title means a lot. It means, satisfaction of accomplishing something I set out to do; excitement of starting a new chapter in my life; and probably most important to ME is being proud that I was not one of those people who gave up on the state and national tests and appreciating every bit of having the title of CSR or RPR and the journey it took me to get it.
If anything, my kids will look at me and see that mom never gave up on her dream and still to this day continues to chase that dream. Again, Monette, thanks for being an inspiration, a listening ear and for caring for ME.
Almost-Finished Court Reporting Student and Mom

“Monette’s compassion and understanding makes her a one-of-a-kind court reporting tutor.”
This is not an email about my assignments for the week. This is a THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING AND BEING A COMPASSIONATE PERSON email. I appreciate all of the advice you have given me. I believe I can do this and will do this (stenography). I want this soooo bad I can taste it. One thing I do not lack is perseverance. Thank you for helping me and for caring.  Official Court Reporter

“Your tutoring has given me focus.” You are giving me areas to focus on. The more I speak to you the better I feel about what I’m doing to progress, and the Lord did really get us together. My fingers are really moving fast and it’s accurate! I practice, write and review everything differently now, and I passed my speed tests. Mature Court Reporting Student

“Now when I practice, I FOCUS and practice. What a difference!” Monette, you taught me how to listen, how important each minute is. When I’m working, I’m working. When I’m practicing, I focus and practice. A huge chunk of my life is good again! RPR, ’M.O.M.’

“Not only is the Monette Benoit coaching great, but the court reporters she’s referred me to as peers is a phenomenal new circle of friends and support.”
My journey into court reporting began many moons ago. I attended school for a short while. During that time, I suffered a tremendous loss in my life and dropped out. My entire world collapsed. I returned to school years later, but was not able to complete the program. As time went by, I had many jobs always thinking of how challenging ’that little machine’ was and the impact it had made in my life. I continued to read anything and everything pertaining to court reporting, including the JCR magazine. I maintained relationships with working reporters.
Fast forward to January 2007, while reading the JCR magazine, I saw a classified ad, which offered court reporting tutoring. I immediately recognized the name as I have been reading Ms. Monette Benoit’s articles for years. I emailed Ms. Monette. She returned my email, and then we spoke on the telephone.
My life, once again, changed. We had an ’intake’ — more like a heart-to-heart conversation about my dreams and goals. Her energy and support were unbelievable. I felt like an angel had just walked into my life to guide me, and I wholeheartedly believe God places people in our lives at just the right time. This was only the beginning … I shared with Monette not just my court reporting frustrations, but many other things.
Monette listened and advised. We established what I am certain will be a lifelong relationship. Tutoring is such a small part of how Monette has reached me. Because of Monette, I have made new friends in the court reporting profession. I have emailed people for assistance and received all positive responses. My new friends (and I am sure there will be many, many, more) spent hours on the telephone with me. One in particular found Ms. Monette in the same little ad and also refers to her as an angel. They, like Monette, share their court reporting and life experiences, which enthrall me. I love to listen to them. It is enlightening and funny as all heck. They are real people with real stories and invaluable advice. They are true professionals. I now call Mondays: Mondays with Monette. I look forward to my session and enjoy it so very much.
Monette has a great sense of humor, a big heart, and is a kind, compassionate person. She motivates me and tells me just like it is in a very polite way. I appreciate her style. I appreciate her pushing me, and I appreciate her heart. I’ve gotten so much in such a short period of time.
I feel so blessed that Ms. Monette has come into my life. I know I have so much more to look forward to and that I will attain my goals. Thank you, Monette, for your guidance and for taking time out of your very busy life to help me. You are truly God sent.  Sandra Aviles, Connecticut

“Because of Monette Benoit’s coaching, I now have a positive outlook on fulfilling my biggest dreams.”
Thank you so much for giving me your time and insight on the things I need to work on as a student and even as a mother. You are absolutely an amazing person! You have pushed me in a new direction — a direction that looks promising instead of discouraging. My attitude has changed to be more excited, happier, and to never give up on my dream to be a court reporter. This was the same feeling I experienced when I first started school over a year ago.
I want to thank you again for giving me a new “positive” outlook on how to accomplish my goals in order to fulfill my dreams.  Cheryl Salyer, CCR Student

“Thanks for your help and encouragement.” I certainly cannot thank you enough, and all your JCR articles are very encouraging and enlightening. Thank you for taking the time to help and encourage yet another student to persevere. 140 wpm, Sally Abrams, Online Student


Inquire about tutoring and coaching by emailing Monette directly at: Tutoring@CRRbooks.com
Be sure to include your time zone and if you are an official reporter, freelance reporter, student, rookie or experienced court reporter.
** Students receive a discount



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